The Wrong Honeymoon yet nothing to Lose?

Cathy has been married for over five years. She and her husband were still crazy about each other. They still fucked like animals at every chance they get. When her husband got a chance to go overseas for a business deal, he took her with him for a second honeymoon. The place was beautiful. He had booked a cottage in a resort, near the glittering beach and crystal clear water. Everything seems to be good but then how come wrong honeymoon?

When he was working, she would explore the place, or hit the gym or shop around. This time, she decided to get a massage and body polishing for the special sensual evening she was planning for her husband. She walked into this spa at the resort. Its interior was so beautiful, as romantic as exotic.

A beautiful girl on the reception greets her and asks her what she could do for her. They discuss the possibilities that could go with her body polishing and appointed a masseur. The masseur looked stunning with her kohled big brown eyes and polished supple lips. Her dress was a little fit on her chest as her mounds were big, bigger than mine. My husband would have loved them. And her cleavage, one could only imagine how deep it was.

She had the face of a slut, sexuality dripping from her looks. Cathy wasn’t even bisexual but looking at her made her wet. The girl showed her to the room that was dimly lit, exotically fragrant, and cosy.

“Ring the bell when you are ready”. With that, she went back out. She got undressed, lied on the black satin sheet with a towel over her back. The satin sheet grazed her sensitive buds, making her more aroused. She rang the bell and closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the sheets on her bare hot skin, ready to get spoiled on her wrong honeymoon.

The masseur entered and started massaging her pressure points. She felt relaxed. She dozed off only to wake up to the sensation of aromatic lotion and her soft hands on her skin. She massaged with expertise, touching all the right places with the perfect pressure. She massaged her back and then moved on to her leg. Her hands moved up and up, inside her thighs. And when it touched the lips of her cunt, a moan escaped her throat.

“You are wet”, the masseur said with delight in her tone.

“I am sorry. It’s just that it feels so good…” Cathy apologised.

“You don’t need to be sorry.” And with that, she touched her cunt massaging it lightly.

Cathy raised her hips to give her better access as her fingers played with her clitoris. She inserted her fingers in her cunt and started fingering her. The masseur then turned her around and massaged her breasts. She teased her buds and sucked them while fingering her. It wasn’t too long before Cathy came. Then, she went between her legs and sucked her, teased her and made her orgasm again. And then, she sat on her face while she licks her again. It was too much for Cathy. She hadn’t has so much pleasure even with her husband. She was doing things with her tongue on her cunt that made her go crazy.

“I want more”, she hissed.

The masseur turned around and touched her cunt with hers. She gently rubs her cunt to Cathy’s and buries Cathy’s face in her deep cleavage. She made Cathy suck her buds while she rubbed her clit to Cathy’s. The intensity increases and they both orgasmed together. The masseur got dressed and left Cathy to take a bath.

“I never had so much fun,” Cathy said to her and she smiled. Wrong honeymoon with the masseur was wonderful and she enjoyed blissful orgasm.

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