When My Wife And I Took Up Role Play To Get The Ultimate Pleasure

Mary and me had been married for 10 years now. We married right after high school, and even though we loved each other, we were quite bored with our sex life. But then we came across a website that gave us ideas on how to get it on without the vanilla sex. And one day we planned an escapade of role play to get the ultimate pleasure.

I was a soldier and she was a spy who was looking through things. So, we booked a cabin in the woods where there was no one around for miles. “That way no one would hear you scream in pleasure,” I would tell her as she colored. But what happened was way too hot or kinky to have time for conversations. I positioned myself behind the cabin waiting for Mary to show up. I hadn’t seen her costume yet. I heard rustling in front of me and I saw her.

Short shorts and a tank top that exposed her generous boobs. The pregnancies had made her curvier and today it was all on display. I was reminded of Lara Croft, my Mary, she was looking so hot! I waited excitedly, my cock twitching as she made her way to the cabin and cautiously entered. She didn’t know where I was hiding. I was to catch her going through my things and punish her for her naughtiness. I was waiting to do just that. I was ready to be the soldier who catches the spy.

I entered softly behind her and she was going through the cupboard. I swiftly grab her hands and pull her towards me. She gasps in terror and struggles to get loose. Her boobs jiggle and I pull her closer. I hold her by putting my arm across her breasts and I can feel the nipples stiffen. I rub my arm across her and she moans, moving against me. “What were you looking for?” I ask her roughly. She gasps and then softly whispers, sex toys. For a minute I am shocked and then she giggles. “Sex toys huh? I’ll show you the real role play to get the ultimate pleasure,” I tell her and squeeze her boob.

I push her back against the cupboard and then hold her crotch. It is through the clothes, but she is breathing hard. “Do you need the sex toy to put it here?” I ask her and she nods, playing along. Now I am quite hard and my shaft pokes out. She is look at it intently. I pop open her shorts’ button and part her folds. I find her wet and I roughly grope her, rubbing her sensitive zone.  She squirms but keeps looking at my cock.

I push her down and she kneels in front of me. “What…what are you doing?” she pretends to be scared. “I am not doing anything. You will be doing it. I am giving you a sex toy. You will suck my cock,” I tell her. She pouts. God that pout turns me on and I unzip myself. My cock is in front of her lips and I want her to lick it. But she holds out. “Being naughty? I will smack your ass and keep doing it till it is red,” I say. She then suddenly takes the shaft in her hands and rubs it. I groan at the pleasure.

She bends down and sucks the head a bit and then does it hard. I grab her boob hard to punish her and she moans. The vibrations on my cock make me feel good. She begins sucking and moving her hands up and down. Her head bobs as she takes in my shaft in her mouth and sucks on it. I hold her head and push my cock in her moth deeper. She gags and let go of my cock. “Take my cock back in your mouth!” I command her. “No,” she says and pouts again. “That’s it! Time for your punishment,” I holler and Pull her up.

I kiss her hard and hold her tight to me. She opens up and my tongue finds hers. I suck on her tongue and start to push down her shorts. I also take her boobs out of her tank top and squeeze them. It is that moment she pushes me back and tries to run away. She manages to get a few steps outside the cabin when I catch her. I push her up against the cabin wall, “Trying to run? I am going to give you a taste of punishment right now.” She wriggles to get free and this act is just making me hornier. I hold her against the wall and pull down her shorts completely with the other hand. There are no panties and I look up to see her laughing. I probe her vagina and caress her g-spot. This stops her laughter and turns it into pleasurable moans. I pull out my finger.

“Noooo. Keep doing it,” she says. “No. you have been naughty and as your punishment, I will only tease you,” I say and slap her clit. “Ahh!” she says and spreads her legs more. But I can’t hold back, so I bend down and start sucking her clit. One of her is on my shoulder and she is riding my face. I lick and suck all over and then lick the opening of her pussy. I start sucking on her clit while finger fucking her with a finger vibrator and she cums hard, screaming in the open.

Then I take her inside for a proper fucking and the ultimate pleasure. We both are naked and I have tied her hands like bdsm sex (very lightly, if she pulls the binds will come off). We are going to do it doggy style. Her ass is facing me and I give it a hard slap. She yelps and parts her legs showing me a sopping wet pussy. I push my cock inside her and she takes it in. I grab on to her ass and begin my pounding. I am wild, relentless and I feel like an animal. I feel like the soldier punishing the spy with his cock. I slap her ass again and each time I do, her pussy squeezes me. I slap every time I want my cock to be pressed as I fuck her and she doesn’t disappoint.

I see she is playing with her clit as I am fucking and slapping her. But I remove her hand and instead pinch her clit. She goes, “Ahhh, ahhh,” and cums again. This time I follow her as her pussy milks me. Her muscles are contracting wildly around my cock and I can’t help but release my cum as well.

We both lie quietly on the floor near the fireplace. “I sit time to go back?” she asks. “No, you are my prisoner for the whole weekend and I will do what I please with you,” I say and we both laugh. A change in sex life and role play to get the ultimate pleasure was awesome.

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