Lesbian attraction and Fling with my best friend’s girlfriend

Todd was my best friend from school. We have grown up together and were practically neighbors. There was rarely any secret between us. Especially Todd would share everything and anything in his life. I am Sophie. I was more of a selective sharer. In fact, Todd never found out the most important secret of my life. I was a lesbian yet to come out of the closet. I never had a homosexual relationship so far but had a few flings. This is when I saw Betty- Todd’s girlfriend I felt a lesbian attraction towards her.

Betty was a tall platinum blonde with doe-eyes and a slender waist. She looked perfect with Todd. I was in awe the first time I saw her. But Betty barely noticed me. If anything, she was a little annoyed to find out Todd’s best friend was a girl- I guess it made her insecure. But the equation was soon to change. Little did I know back then about Betty’s little secret about lesbian attraction.

Todd and I had planned a friend’s day out that weekend. We were really wasted when Betty showed up at the bar. She looked relieved though when she found us giggling away like kids and fighting over the last tequila shot. She promptly picked up the shot and drank it down. We stared a few minutes at her as she ordered a new set of tequila shots. We three ended up getting totally wasted in the next one hour.

Betty was too drunk to travel back to her home which was on the other end of the city. I offered her to stay at my place and she obliged. Once we were home, we decided to binge on some leftover pizza and watch a movie. As Betty was going through my collection, she came across Girlfriends Films discount. I quickly tried to hide it but she got curious and was much faster. She snatched it out of my hand and reached the site to play one of the videos. As I was about to apologize, she turned to me, “These turn you on?”

I was a little surprised and nodded my head. She slowly came forward and lightly kissed on my lips. “And this?” I was stunned and stood rooted to the spot. I said weakly, “But what about Todd?”

She smiled and kissed me again. “I love Todd but this is what I need. I crave for a woman’s touch so much and have a passion for lesbian attraction.”

I felt like I was cheating Todd but the desire was much too intense to avoid. I embraced Betty against my better judgment and then started kissing again. As we kissed, she grabbed my boobs and squeezed them hard. I felt her boobs under my palms. They were perky and round and extremely soft. I slowly pushed my hands under her t-shirt and lifted it off. I went down to suck on the tits and lifted my eyes to her face. Her eyes were half closed in pleasure and she looked almost about to moan out. I vigorously sucked and licked the pink nipples and wrapped my hands around her waist at the same time.

Soon she was moaning and we were grabbing each other. We landed on the sofa as we groped at each other. She was on top of me and with much deliberation she went down on me. Betty flicked her tongue on my clitoris, sending a shiver down my spine. I never experienced such intense pleasure. I arched my back and tried to make my crotch more reachable to her. She was grabbing my waist and burying her face and chin deep in my crotch.

She kept eating my pussy for some time. Soon I was on the verge of orgasming but she abruptly stopped. She was going to tease me and the idea turned me on even more. I hopped off the sofa and told her to wait a minute and went to my bedroom. I came back with my pair of brand-new cuffs and the massive dildo with vibration. She looked at them wide eyed. I was ecstatic as I had been waiting to try these cuffs and dildo with someone. I had so many ideas with it.

I dropped the toys on the sofa beside her and sat down. As we kissed, I noticed the perfect spot to fix the cuffs on the centre table. I quickly closed it on the legs of the table and she laid trapped and astray with her vagina exposed towards me. I made her suck the dildo and slowly worked it into her vagina. It was just the right size to stretch her to the fullest and then stimulate her crotch intensely. As I continued the assault, I saw her face contort making it obvious that she was about to orgasm. I stopped right at the moment to take turn at teasing her.

I slowly worked my way up towards her face and lowered my vagina on her mouth. I sat on her face so she could eat my pussy. She slurped and suck the juices flowing down to her chin and kept licking me. She could not control my orgasm this time as she was under me. As she flicked her tongue and licked hard, I felt the orgasm building second time. This time, it felt much more intense than before. I orgasmed loudly and hard on her face. The juices spilled on her chin, nose and face almost choking her. But Betty slurped it all up in minutes.

I took a pause to catch my breath and went down to her vagina once more. I inserted the dildo in her and moved it in and out vigorously while I licked her. She was moaning loudly and I knew it is just going to take minutes to make her orgasm. Soon, her juices exploded from around the dildo and covered my tits. Once we were both done, we embraced each other, cuddling and chatting all night. Lesbian attraction and the fling with Betty is one of my best experiences so far.

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