Lesbian experience with a junior in girls hostel

I had my physics exam tomorrow and I was starting to get nervous. Although I had already finished my syllabus but without revision it was as good as nothing. I looked at the wall clock ahead of me, ten more minutes to 10:30 and not a minute longer would we be allowed to sit in […]

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Girl on Girl Action with a Woman who was ditched on her date

I have been a fan of girl on girl action although I would describe myself as bisexual. The thought of fucking a girl turns me on quite a lot. That night I saw Maureen. All prim and proper, sitting stiffly at a biker bar. Apparently, her date had abandoned her and now she didn’t know […]

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Lesbian Romance with My Neighbour to Release her Milk

I am Nancy, 27 years old and got married recently. I have got medium sized breasts, fully firm with pink nipples and a bigger firm ass. One day, as I was cooking breakfast and was alone at home, the doorbell rang. I was surprised to see my friend and neighbour Mila at the door who […]

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