Lesbian experience with a junior in girls hostel

I had my physics exam tomorrow and I was starting to get nervous. Although I had already finished my syllabus but without revision it was as good as nothing. I looked at the wall clock ahead of me, ten more minutes to 10:30 and not a minute longer would we be allowed to sit in the library. Sister Joslin, our warden had made very strict rules around the girls hostel and if we were to disobey, we would be lectured on how Jesus sacrificed for us and how we couldn’t even be punctual in life. I quietly tucked in my physics book halfway into my pajamas and the rest is hidden under my t-shirt. This had become our daily routine now, sneaking books inside the dormitory because our usual study timing was not enough to finish the portions. But, those studying time was going to bring me something new- a lesbian experience.

“Hey, Myshaa!” I could faintly hear someone calling me out. I hear, my classmate and a good friend Tanya calling me out. After 10:30 only one dim bed light was allowed to stay on, which at the end of the dormitory so we take out our books from under the pillow and walk till there. I see five other girls, our juniors already seated on the empty cots and I proceed to do the same. “Shhh…!” I am distracted by the hissing from Tanya. I see Clarissa get up and walk towards us. ” Get me water.” She demands. She quietly walks away to get the job her senior asked to be done. “What? I am sleepy” Tanya says watching me smirk. She loves ragging.

Slowly one by one all the girls went back to the bed. “I am gonna go too,” Tanya says yawning. “You’re seriously leaving me here alone?” I ask in dismay. “You’re not alone, Clarissa is here,” she says yawning. I look over at Clarissa and I always found her very attractive. I am sure she would make guys chase her once she is out from the school. She looked like maturity had hit her very hard and anyone could see her cleavage even through a high round collar. She had a thin waist and long pitch-black hair hitting her plum. I realize that I had been staring at her all this while, and now she was staring right back at me. “Ahh, what?” I say mustering up some voice of authority. She shakes her head innocently. “Come sit here!” I call her over to the cot I and Tanya were sitting on before she left, right under the light.

It was not just me but I caught her staring at me as well many times. I feel we have a very strong sexual tension whenever we are alone and I am sure it’s not just me who feels it the way she stares at me. “Which subject!” I ask her completely turning towards her side. “Chemistry,” she says, biting her pencil. I stare at the pencil a little more than needed, as though my body were trying to indicate something. “If you have any doubt, you can ask me,” I say leaning over to see the chapter. A very pleasant smell of the lotion hits me. I turn the pages and our fingers brush against each other. I acted like I was going through the contents but internally I felt frozen.

I could feel her gaze on my face. I go back to staring at my book and she does the same. I knew I couldn’t study anymore especially with her sitting beside me and I should take charge, I guess. How do I go from physics to her boobs though, her huge breasts are the worst temptation. I take off my specs and place them aside. I rest my head against her shoulder. I feel her body freeze for a few seconds before she relaxes again. In this position, I could see her baby pick bra cupping her. I was getting aroused even more. I closed my book and lean in for a kiss, our lips touched, they move against each other in sync. I got my tongue to touch her lips. We kept smooching, pushing our tongues down each other’s mouth for a very long time making it one of the best lesbian experience for us.

My eyes were closed as I put one of my hand lightly on her boobs and gently pressed it. We didn’t stop kissing I was pressing her breasts. I slid my hands from below her t-shirt reaching for her bra hooks. I unhooked her bra and moved my hand towards her boobs finally cupping them. It felt like they perfectly fit in my hands and I started squeezing. Slowly I close up on her pushing her against the cot. I press them harder to get her to moan but she was a bit shy may be because it was a lesbian experience new to her . It takes another hard squeeze for her to finally wrap her hands around my neck with ecstasy. I didn’t want to stop to ask her whether she was okay but instead I focused on sucking her tongue even more passionately.

I grab her hands and take her towards my cot. We sit next to each other and after another awkward moment pass I tell her “even if someone were to be awake they wouldn’t be able to see us, it’s too dark”. I make her lie down on my cot and pull down her pajamas. I clamp her legs below mine and move towards her panties. I didn’t wanna scare her off so I go slow. I pull down her panties slowly, they seem to be stuck in her groves. I put my hands inside and remove them, touching her perfect ass and pulling off her panties from her wet vagina. I push her thighs apart and went down on her. I started kissing her vagina and then licked it with my tongue tip. I started licking her vertical lips even more aggressively and she kept moaning and held my head.

I put one finger inside her vagina and I felt she was very tight but seemingly enjoying it. Once my first finger started moving swiftly in and out I put two fingers. Next, I pushed three fingers and she started moaning and breathing heavily. Perks of being a senior even if it was paining that she didn’t complain. I kept fingering her while licking her body. She came gushing out after fingering her continuously. I pushed my finger deeper and kept licking her at the same time. I took out my finger and went below her pussy hole towards her anal hole to make the lesbian experience even better.

I insert a finger inside her anus and she grabbed my upper body and presses it releasing her pain. The way her body reacts to my fingers is satisfactory for me. I put one finger inside her asshole and the other in her vagina shoving it back and forth. She dug her nails in my arms doing everything to keep herself from screaming. Fingering her gave me absolute pleasure, more than when I do it to myself. After that lesbian encounter, she went back to her cot. I was tired so I instantly fell asleep and the next morning, though I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass in physics or not, I was sure that I hadn’t just had enough of her yet with the lesbian experience I got.

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