Lesbian attraction and Fling with my best friend’s girlfriend

Todd was my best friend from school. We have grown up together and were practically neighbors. There was rarely any secret between us. Especially Todd would share everything and anything in his life. I am Sophie. I was more of a selective sharer. In fact, Todd never found out the most important secret of my […]

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Lesbian experience with a junior in girls hostel

I had my physics exam tomorrow and I was starting to get nervous. Although I had already finished my syllabus but without revision it was as good as nothing. I looked at the wall clock ahead of me, ten more minutes to 10:30 and not a minute longer would we be allowed to sit in […]

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Interview that turned into erotic lesbian sex

I recently got hired by a notable newspaper after interning with them for 3 months. My first assignment was interviewing a notable writer. She has recently gained prominence for her teen fantasy novels. I was more of a classic-person. The more I did some background research on the genre, her books and writing style, the […]

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