Third time lucky with a stranger

This has been the third date in one week that my aunt set up for me. I was bored to hell, thinking of my poor aunt’s distress for my lack of interest in males I came to this date set up by her to satisfy her demand. But it will never work out with any men, I have never found a man attractive in my whole life. But, I wasn’t lucky with him but was lucky with a stranger.

How much effort I put but it will never work out for me. Being in the closet for the last twenty-one year I have tried many ways to divert my mind from any women I find attractive. I got into a relationship and had a boyfriend, my sex life is a blur and I want to forget them completely. I never felt turned on by the sight or touch of my boyfriend. Even when we made out my thoughts were always on Rosy- a girl in my school on whom I have a crush. I imagined her body rubbing on me her boobs are dangling like a melon and it is coming on my face. This thought got me through whenever I became intimate with my boyfriend. But this relationship didn’t last long. Sam understood it soon enough that I was not at all interested in him and it was all a facade.

Right now, I am seating in a fancy restaurant facing my third date of the week. The guy tried several topics to make conversation but I am so bored with him that with every question he asked I hardly replied in one full sentence. He was finally giving up and wanted to finish this disaster of date by ordering dinner. I was finally filling relieved as he wanted to order food and called a waiter.

As I was swiping through my phone, I heard a sweet and ringing voice asking “Hello! What would you like to order tonight sir?”

I finally looked up to the owner of the voice and was awestruck for a moment. The waitress has a curvy figure, tan colour, and huge breasts looking so sexy and hot. Also, the funny part is she is also looking at me with intensity.

As I finished dinner, I was eagerly waiting for her to come with the bill. Finally, she came and she has that same intense look that I never saw in a girl around me. As we paid our bills she slipped me a tissue. I opened it and there is a room number. My heart started beating fast and I bid my farewell to my date I turned around and took the elevator to the second floor of the hotel. My mind was confused if I’m going to get lucky with a stranger?

The receptionist already directed the location of the room, I knocked on room 303 and there she is. Camilla was written on the name tag she pulled me inside and planted a swift kiss on my cheeks.

“Hi my name is Linda.”

“I know I was watching you the whole time. You were not interested in that man- you looked so bored and beautiful.”

Then she kissed me again and this time on my lips. I was a little shocked at first thinking if this is happening to me and I was being lucky with a stranger I was attracted to. Then I picked up speed and our soft sensual kiss turned into something fiercer.

“Let’s play together,” she said

Then she hopped on the sofa and spread her leg wide and invited me in. I didn’t waste any time and pulled up her skirt- she was not wearing any underpants. My tongue travel hungrily from her navel to her clitoris. I sucked on her clitoris and tongued her and a moan escaped from her mouth. Her sound made me more excited. We undressed each other and as I got rid of her blouse her two 36 D boobs fell free. I sucked on her melon as she went on groaning, I claimed both her breast at the same time and sucked on each one. She returned the favor and inserted her middle finger inside me. Her finger picked up speed and my whole body convulsed before the climax.

“Do you want to try a dildo?” she asked?

I heard it was huge is it true?

Yes, it is and took it out of her bag. She applied some lubricator on the toy and then she grabbed my ass and kissed me deeply our tongues claimed each other.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

I was ready for this moment for a long time and nodded my head in agreement. She inserted a dildo in my vagina. It felt the same as a real dick but the sight of her doing it to me made me crave it more and more. She commanded me to open my legs wide and picked up speed and she took the toy back and forth inside my vagina as I moaned for more. It was big and tight inside me and I was almost lost in my senses as I felt a release. The vaginal fluids burst around the toy, spraying her all over. I never had an internal orgasm this hard before.

I moaned and panted for some time, lying still. Then I grabbed her and flipped her on the sofa, pinning her underneath me.

“Your turn now.” I giggled and lowered my mouth to her vagina.

I ate her pussy to my mouth’s fill and kept tongue-fucking her while she moaned and arched her back, thrashing beneath me. I grabbed her boobs and pressed them hard while twisting on of the nipples in my fingers. They were red and swollen from my squeezing. But I didn’t stop. Her hands wound in my hair and pulled hard. She moved her hips up so my face was squashed against her clit. They were plump and soft and I licked them even more vigorously. Then I felt a rush of heat and juices as she orgasmed with a loud moan.

She lay still as we cuddled and smiled at me and we kissed finally once more. I got lucky with a stranger and felt happy after a disastrous date.

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