The day when my best friend turned boyfriend

Kyle and I have been best buds since our primary school days. We have been together in everything since we were kids. It has been 14 years we played, studied and discussed everything going on in our life. We parted ways when we went to separate colleges. I am Andy, 22-year-old, in my freshman year. I was going home for the spring break and I was looking forward to meeting Kyle once more. I had new friends in college, but always missed him anyway. We stayed in touch all these years but it was not the same as we were in school. I didn’t even know if he will be back home for his holidays either.

I was back home and finally unpacked. It was that evening when my mother called me downstairs and I heard the familiar booming voice alongside hers. I breezed down the stair and there stood Kyle. I can’t believe the dork from school have transformed so much. He had got blonde highlights and was definitely working out. We bounded to each other and hugged. The feeling was bit unfamiliar- I was terribly aware of his muscular body and woody cologne. It confused me.

Our holidays seem to race forward as we spent the days like old times. But there was something new. I was suddenly very aware that he was a guy and a handsome one. I started noticing his body and voice more than ever before. It bothered me every time I saw him talk to the other girls we know from school, especially Talia. She always had a crush on him and we used to make fun of that. But now, every time she made a move, I felt angry and jealous. Little did I know Kyle couldn’t care less and always had only one girl in mind.

It was a Sunday afternoon. We had a particularly nasty fight after we met Talia. I was still raging about how she fawned all over him when we came home. My parents were out. Kyle followed me in, looking rather confused and apologetic.

“But Andy, she is just a friend! And since when are you getting worked up because of girls crushing on me?”

“I am not worked up Kyle. I really don’t care about any other girl making a move on you but I just cannot tolerate that, Talia!”

“But why so? Why does she bother you so much?” Kyle shouted back.

I had a thousand comebacks for his question all of which said I was just jealous and can’t see another girl around him. But I choked on my respond and stayed silent.

Kyle moved forward and embraced me from behind. He turned me to face him and whispered, “Ok, if she bothers you so much, I will tell her to back off. Is that fine?” I looked up at him almost tearful but content. I nodded looking into his eyes. We were standing within inches from each other, embracing. I could see the pupil of his eyes dilate. I do not know what came over me at that moment but I pulled him even closer and kissed.

It was a long kiss till we abruptly broke apart. Kyle looked shocked and surprised. Right when I was thinking he might rage about it, he swiftly pulled me in a bear hug and kissed me passionately. He crushed my lips in his and soon our tongues wiggled into each other’s mouth. I realized all the feelings I had been having so many days. I realized I have always loved Kyle and now I feel my best friend turned boyfriend. He was the reason I could not have a steady relationship in college.

He was picking me up and walking to my bedroom. We dove into the bed while ripping off each other’s clothes. Our engrossment in the moment was enough to make us forget everything else. He was now going down on my body, kissing every part he could reach. I clawed his shoulders while he was biting my nipples. Then he went down between my legs. His lips felt like heaven on my clitoris. He sucked and licked there tenderly. I was getting close to orgasming when the let go and positioned his dick between my legs. I was ready for this. Since the kiss I have been eagerly waiting for this. He looked into my eyes for permission and I smiled. He then thrusted lightly to enter my vagina. It was better than I could imagine.

We picked a rhythm and slowly sped up. We were moaning and panting in each other’s arms. As he thrusted more and more, I felt another orgasm building up. This time he didn’t stop. As he realized I was close to climax, he picked up speed and thrusted harder. It finally tipped me off the edge and I moaned and let go. I was convulsing under him when I felt him hold me tightly. In a few minutes, he climaxed as well.

He panted and looked in my eyes, murmuring, “I love you.” I was surprised. I love him too but I was thinking this was a momentary thing. I looked at him with wide eyes.

He smiled, “I guess I always knew my feelings but we were friends first- how could I tell you?”

I kissed him. As I let go, I whispered, “I love you too. I may have realized this over the past few days, but I really do.”

He rolled off me to the side and held me close to his chest. We were cuddling and spooning each other, processing the gravity of what just happened. But I was contended. I was safe and secured and happy knowing things were mutual. I was not going to lose him to another girl and this incredible guy was my best friend and now possibly my boyfriend.

As we cuddled, we were again getting ready to make love- this time it was going to happen when we both know of each other’s feelings.

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