My first night at school hostel turned out better than I thought

It has been a couple of hours since my parents left me at my school hostel. This was the first time ever I was living away from them anywhere. I was already depressed thinking about my first night at school hostel. The room was for two and by the looks of it, my roommate was a hardcore goth. She couldn’t be more different from me. My parents had no idea that I was a lesbian and leaving me in a hostel full of high school girls with raging hormones was the worst thing they could do. I was thankful my roommate looks like a weirdo I would never want to crush on.

As I was organizing my things on my side of the room, the door opened. A slender girl with black hair and alabaster skin walked in. Her eyes were strangely coal black too. But her face was incredibly beautiful. I realized she was the goth roommate I was yet to meet but nothing about her looks implied much about her beliefs. Her full breasts, and hips along with the divine face was a deadly combination and I was already imagining undressing her.

“Hi, so you are the new girl- Josephine?” She chimed in a cheerful voice as she took of her jacket.

“Yeah, you must be Zelda.” I kept my tone formal hoping I wouldn’t betray my admiration.

“You can call Ze, and I must say, you are such a treat for the starving eyes.” She was flirting! Was she another lesbian?

I smiled and knew nothing better to say. She went back to her own business and it was obvious she was not a very talkative person. Later that night, down at the dining hall I made friends with a few other girls. However, I noticed most of them kept their distance with Zelda. I asked one of the girls I met why so. She was ready to gossip and I found out much to my surprise that Zelda was lesbian and was quite open about it. Hence, the repulsion among the other girls.

As I got back from the dining hall, I found Zelda was already there. As soon as I closed the door, she hissed, “Got filled in by that little gossiping cunt? You can change your dorm if you want. But I don’t bite.”

I was shocked by her tone but realized what she may have gone through for coming out of the closet. I decided to reveal myself. I walked up to her and instead of replying, I hesitantly bent down to kiss her lips lightly. She sat very still for a while but did not protest. I moved forward once more to plant a kiss on her lips which she grabbed my waist and flipped me on the bed. She was on top of me already and was kissing me fiercely. I never had a partner before and I always imagined what it would feel like to kiss another girl. In real it felt so much better. My body was craving more and I kissed her back as fiercely. We kissed for some time and then broke apart. My first night at school hostel was instead interesting than I thought.

“It’s almost bedtime. I think we should turn off the lights before the matron checks in.”

I nodded and she was already gone- locking the door and then turning off the lights. There was only a blue light on and the room looked so much more enticing. She was already undressing as she walked toward where I sat on the bed. I started taking off my clothes too. We both were down to our bras and panties. Her boobs were very perky and yet big and they bounced slight as she got on the bed beside me.

We hugged and kissed once more. Our bodies were rubbing against each other and it felt like my body was on fire. She slowly kissed my neck and bit my earlobe. then she trailed kissed down my throat to my collarbone. I arched my back to reach for my bra hook and took it off. She smiled and pulled off hers too. Our breasts pressed against each other. I squeezed her boobs hard and she let out a stifled moan. Then she went down on me and started sucking my nipples.

Soon we were kicking off our panties. She had shaved by pussy and it was as body and smooth as her body. I went down on her and licked her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned again. Her clit was pink and slightly swollen and so soft. I licked and fingered her hungrily. I kept doing it when she poked my shoulder and handed me a huge dildo. I never used one but it looked tempting. I slowly worked it into her pussy, stretching her out. Then I pushed it in and out repeatedly till she was gasping and arching her back and I knew she was letting out an orgasm. Once she was done, I climbed back on her and kissed her gently again.

“You really want me to change my room?” I smiled slyly at her. She smiled back and suddenly flipped me underneath her and kissed me.

“Your turn, sweetheart!” She giggled and went down on me. I panicked and bit because I was a virgin. But she seemed to realize that. She whispered, “Don’t worry, I will be gentle enough.”

Then she went down on my and spit on my vagina. She rubbed it gently to make me wet enough. Then She used the dildo to fuck my pussy. In next ten minutes, it felt like I was on seventh heaven. I orgasmed hard and gasped while she rolled over her back and laid down on my thighs.

It seemed like hours as well lay still like that. Then she climbed beside me and we started cuddling. I don’t know when we fell asleep like that. The next morning when I woke up to realize I was in her arms, I smiled. Hostel didn’t seem so bad anymore and especially my first night at school hostel was very special.

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