The Hunky Neighbour was my Perfect Sex Buddy

I am Laura. Living in Cleveland for almost 20 years now with my husband- I know the place and its people perfectly well. So, it was quite a surprise to see a handsome young man at the local Walmart right before me at the counter. He has smiled and let me get my billing done before him. We did not exchange much words but I could not forget the boyish charm the guy had. Who was he? In the next few weeks, I had almost forgotten about him, till I saw him cleaning the car across the street. Turned out, he was the new tenant of that place. His name is Edward. The guy was at most thirty and almost six feet tall. Being in my mid-forties, I felt a pang of shame and thrill, spying on such a young guy but I was seeing my perfect sex buddy in him.

One day, Edward came over to ask and borrow our lawn mower. Ever since, we bonded and would occasionally chat from across the street. He would visit our home whenever he was free. Soon, he was coming over even when my husband was not around. We had a blast. Despite the age difference we connected on many common grounds like our hobbies and interests. All the while I could not help but keep imagining us together in many compromising ways. I loved these imageries in my head and kept finding him as my perfect sex buddy.

My husband was going out of town for a week now. Usually, I felt upset when he was gone but this time, I was excited and started making plans to meet Edward. I wanted him and I would have him. I invited him over one evening for dinner. I went for a shower right before he came and prepped myself for the day. I played a perfect porn that I had picked up from black Friday porn deals to get myself warmed up. As I showered, I touched my naked body and checked it out on the mirror. My boobs were quite perky for a 46-year-old. I desperately hoped he would want me. Soon the doorbell rang. I put on a bath-robe and went out to greet him. Edward looked at me in awe but I pretended to be oblivious. I welcomed him in and closed the door, asking him to sit on the couch. I went in my bedroom to change. As I was putting on my clothes, I saw him peeking at me.

I smiled at him through the mirror and he noticed. It seemed to encourage him as he hesitantly entered the room.

I turned to face him and let my robe fall off my shoulder to the floor, “I suppose we don’t need this anymore.”

His eyes were hungry and wide. He mumbled, “It would be wrong Laura.” But I walked towards him and threw my arms around him, kissing his lips. “Nothing is wrong when we both want it and I see you as my perfect sex buddy.”

He gave in and surrendered completely. He kissed my lips tenderly first and then became more passionate. My slightly wet and naked body rubbed against his t-shirt. He quickly took it off to reveal rock hard abs. He was kissing my neck and collarbone hungrily. I nibbled his ear and dug my nails on his back. We hugged each other passionately as we kissed and moved towards the bed together. We tumbled on it with him on top of me. I undid the zipper of his jeans and slid it down. His boner was huge and hard. I took it in both my hands and started massaging the shaft. He moaned and tilted his head back. As I put it in my mouth, he gasped and looked down. He grabbed my hair to shove it harder in my mouth. As he fucked my mouth and I choked on his dick, I grabbed his ass.

Soon he pulled me up and made me lie down on the bed. He went down to my boobs and started sucking on them. He pinched the nipples hard and then slapped my left tit. As he sucked on the right tit, he reached down to my vagina and started rubbing my clitoris with his free hand. I was moaning and thrashing on the bed. I started begging him to fuck me. He smiled and continued his assault. I tried to overthrow him and get on top of him but he was too strong.

He pinned me down and started rubbing his penis tip on my clitoris. As I thrashed and moaned, he suddenly plunged the dick deep inside me. I let out a cry of joy and he started fucking me swiftly. He lifted one of my legs on his shoulder and pulled me up slightly. In this position he penetrated me deep enough to hit my g-spot. I gasped and moaned and felt an orgasm building up. Soon started convulsing and orgasmed all over his dick. The juices flowed and covered his dick completely.

He flipped me over and started fucking me from behind. He was rather rough and hard but I loved it exactly this way. It has been a while since I experienced such bliss and I was moaning loudly in pleasure calling out his name. He was kissing and biting on my back and shoulders. I loved how his lips rubbed against my skin and his stubbles prickled.

Soon, I felt his body tighten and he stopped thrusting so hard. He was orgasming and filled my pussy with his juices. It was so warm and dripped down on the bed. We both slumped down soon after in each other’s arms. He cuddled me close and we giggled like teenagers. We went to the bathroom together to clean up and as we washed the juices off each other, I felt I was going wet once more.

We spent all night having several more sessions- each more passionate than the other. As we slept in each other’s arms that night I was content but I also remembered by husband and that I was married. So, I decided, it was going to stay a one-night thing as a perfect sex buddy, temporarily.

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