My School Crush came back as my Saviour

I was getting the feeling of being followed sometimes these days. My office is just ten minutes walking distance from my apartment and I have always preferred to walk this small distance. But today, I took a different route to see if I reach home a little earlier but destiny had different plans. I never had imagined I would meet my school crush again in life.

I took a deserted alley which is supposed to be a shortcut. As I was walking through when I felt someone is following me. It turned around and saw a shadow standing in the distance and watching. I can tell from this distance that the man is around six feet tall and he was wearing a black shirt. Also what scared me is that he is carrying a long shiny object which looks a lot like a steel rod. My instinct told me to run as he is coming nearer and the distance between us was closing. But my mind froze I couldn’t feel my legs it was like I am glued to the spot.

Just then I heard a car honking from behind and a strong headlight showed brightly through the alley. The man stopped moving and took a turn and started running away. I heard someone calling my name “Laila!”, but I couldn’t move. My mind was in a mess. Then my saviour walked in front and faced me.

Hold on, I know this face too well. I have seen him in my dream several times before and woke up all wet and with a throbbing heart. It is John, the CEO of our company who was transferred to our office just a few days ago. When I first saw him, I couldn’t believe my eye this is the same John who was my silent school crush.

He was very popular among girls which is only normal, considering how handsome he is. He is around six feet three inches tall, and has perfectly tanned skin with blonde hair and striking blue eyes. In those days he was always being followed by a group of girls, whereas I used to watch him silently from behind.

I was an introvert and nerdy who don’t know a thing about intimacy or fashion. So, when I saw him for the first time in our office and he couldn’t recognize me I was not surprised. Also, I never had a face-to-face conversation with him. It was like my school days all over again- me watching him from a distance. But now when he is calling my name and shaking me I could only ask one question.

“John, do you remember me?”

He took a pause and said, “I have never forgotten you, Laila.”

I passed out after that. When I woke up, I was in a suite and a face was hovering over me with concern.

“Are you feeling better?”, he asked me

“I am okay. I can’t believe you remember me.”

He closed his eyes and sighed. “You scared me today, you know that? What type of stupid question is this? Of course, I remember you I still have your letter from high school.”

Shit, I forgot about this letter for my school crush. I had left a note in his locker in the last day of our school, confessing my feeling for him and also said that I know I don’t deserve him but I wanted to convey how I feel, anyway.

He sighed again and said, “I wanted to find you after that but then I went abroad. Then I saw you in the office on my first day.”

I didn’t let him finish the whole sentence and kissed him.

I felt his surprise in the beginning but he kissed me back. The intensity of our kiss increased and he started kissing down my neck and unbuttoning my blouse and sucking on my nipples hard. I could feel my body wanting him badly- I moaned under his touch.

I opened my panty and spread my legs wide inviting him in. He looked at me for a while and then he was all over me. He grabbed my two breasts with his hands and started kissing my navel and came down to my vagina. He started licking my clitoris in a circular motion watching my reaction. He went on doing it and teasing my nipples. My body convulsed under his touch he went on licking my clitoris until the climax. I closed my eyes and felt the intensity of the situation.

I felt his warm breath on my head and can hear his racing heart throbbing in my ear. He unzipped his pants and held his dick near my mouth. I felt a new rush and grabbed his penis and sucked it harder and harder. He grabbed my neck and groaned with pleasure. I don’t know how many minutes went- I took him all in and could sense him orgasming into my mouth.

He came out instantaneously and poured himself on my face and breast. His face was ecstatic and full of lust I know that we couldn’t hold it any longer. But there was a tenderness too in his eyes. He looked me in the eye like he is asking for my permission. I thrust my torso a little upward, inviting him in. He didn’t waste a second and thrust inside me. He slowly picked up the speed, it felt so good. Once he had another orgasm, he slumped his body on me and we held each other tightly for some time. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me sweetly on my forehead and went down to my lips once we started kissing hard. I could feel his dick getting hard once more.

He smiled a shy smile and told me, “You are an amazing woman and I can’t stop myself.”

Without breaking our eye contact I went down and sucked on his dick once more. This time he came in my mouth. I could taste the salty liquid in my mouth. I looked at him and licked my lips with pleasure.

He laughed and said “I was thinking of this moment when I saw you for the first time in the office “, and I knew this is not the end and there are many more moments to come. My life is much better after I met my school crush again.

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