How I lost my virginity to a stranger at 25 and loved the sex

I was 25 and yet, I had not lost my virginity. I have been listening to my friends since I was 19. My school friends lost it then and, my college friends had also lost it by 21. I was the only one left out. After I turned 25, I was depressed about never experiencing sex. Destiny had something else for me and I lost my virginity to a stranger.

To overcome the depression, I planned a trip with my friends to the beach. I wanted to dress up and drink and forget all about it. Ironically, I lost my virginity on that trip. It was a wonderful Saturday night and so we thought about visiting a club. We were all dressed in short dresses and high heels.

I decided to delve myself in to vodka and my misery. My friends were dancing on the floor while I was sitting in a corner. Suddenly, my friends came and called me. They had met a group of single boys who were there for a holiday. My friends said that we are planning to go to a quiet bar so that we can interact with them. I agreed and went with them.

So, I met John who had an average height but had a good physique. They had motorbikes and I sat behind John. He told me that he was an architect who had recently opened his firm. He was very intelligent and I felt a strong attraction towards him.

I wanted to kiss him but, he was only a stranger. I had a lot of thoughts running in my head. However, I held him from the waist and he decreased the speed of the bike. I was rarely paying attention to what he was saying. Instead, I was focusing on his beautiful lips.

So, I just gave him a peck on the neck. I was drunk enough to take that plunge. He stopped the bike and looked back. He immediately kissed me and told me that I was beautiful. I was so aroused by that whole thing. He asked me if I would like to come to his hotel room instead of going to the bar. I was finally ready for it. I just nodded.

I always thought of losing my virginity to my boyfriend. Although, I never found a person to get in to a relationship with. So, I thought maybe losing it to a stranger will be exciting. We reached his room. It was a giant suite with a balcony.

He dimmed the lights and kissed me. His breath was mixed with smoke and whiskey. He bit my lips and put his hand on one of my breasts. I was a little uptight but, I was enjoying it as well. Then, he pushed me on the bed and put his hand inside my panties. I gasped and told him that I am virgin and has not been into sex yet.

He chuckled and said that there was nothing to worry about. So, he lifted my dress and pulled my panties. He asked me to spread my legs and relax. He played with my vagina. He massaged my clit and slowly inserted two fingers in my hole. I was trying to process everything but, I could not. So, I chose to enjoy the process. My vagina was wet and I felt aroused.

So, without wasting any more time, John came up and massage his dick. He took some lotion from the side table and asked me to apply it on his cock while feeling it. It was very hard. This made my tits point. He just kissed both of them and asked me to lie down again.

He opened my legs and then, inserted his hard cock in my pussy. It was paining so much and tears fell from my eyes. I started screaming. He told me to calm down and relax. He just asked me to feel the pain and pleasure both. I could barely feel the pleasure but, he inserted it in anyway. Then, he started forming a slow motion of in and out. It was very pleasant and I enjoyed it. He continued doing that until, I found my release. I had just lost my virginity to a stranger but it was good.

Once, it was done I felt a little shy. However, he leaned in and kissed me on my lips. It was one of the most passionate kisses I had experienced. Then, he lit a cigarette and we shared it lying on the bed.

After that I never met him and I moved on in my life. I lost my virginity to a stranger but he made me get out of depression and also made me understand what’s love making!

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