An affair on the kite flying night

Nida was visiting India with a friend Rita for the first time. Both of them were invited to a kite flying festival. Everything was very new for Nida and she was really enjoying the cultural shift. They were on the terrace and Nida was 2 drinks down when she met a guy named Jhonny. That’s how the affair on the kite flying night happened.

Jhonny was a decent guy and he was interesting to talk to. Thus, they hit the dance floor together. She was having fun and Jhonny asked her if he could drop her home that night. Nida agreed. Although, she met the DJ of the party before leaving. He was a tall and dark man with intense eyes. He caught her attention at dinner as well.

When they were leaving, Rita asked her to go with the DJ. His name was Dhruv. Weirdly, Nida agreed to go with Dhruv. It was cold and Jhonny did not have a car. Dhruv asked her to come for an after party. Nida readily agreed as she was having fun meeting all the new people.

Dhruv offered her drinks in the car and she happily got drunk. By the time they reached at the after party venue, it was late. Hence, there was only one friend of Dhruv there, who also happened to be the host. He had one drink with them and then left.

Dhruv asked her to stand in the balcony. They started talking and laughing. Suddenly, Dhruv caught her from behind. Nida gasped for a moment and looked at him. Dhruv took the plunge and started kissing her. She responded as well. Then, he started sucking her cleavage. It was easy to get access to her cleavage as Nida was wearing a low neck grey sweater.

She arched her back and groaned. He again started kissing her. After that, he swiftly pushed her on the floor. The floor was covered with a grass carpet. He lifted her sweater and opened her lingerie. He teased and sucked her breasts. He also nibbled with her nipples. Nida moaned with pleasure.

He swiftly moved his hand through her stomach and waist. Slowly, he inserted his hand in her vagina. It was already wet. He felt it and moved his finger in circular motions. After that, he removed her pants. Nida immediately wrapped her legs around his back. He removed his pants as well.

He felt her wet pussy on his tip. This excited him even more. Although, he teased her a bit more while playing with her boobs until he was completely aroused. Then, slowly he inserted his penis in to her vagina. He slowly formed a rhythm and moved it in circular motions as well. Nida groaned with pleasure.

He started playing with her breasts again and gained a momentum. Nida was loving it. However, it was too much for her and she finally got her release. It was exciting for Dhruv as well. A hot affair with stranger was always on Dhruv’s list and the fact that he was getting to do it with a beautiful girl like Nida was a cherry on the cake for him.

Once he was done, Dhruv just lay next to her. Although, Nida was not done savouring him. After a few minutes, she sat on him and opened his shirt. She started sucking his chest and Dhruv was excited for it. He moaned. Then she bit his nipples and teased them with her tongue. Dhruv caressed her cheeks and puller her to kiss her.

After that, Dhruv again pinned her down and got on the top. He kissed her and slowly inserted his penis in to her cunt. Nida was more than ready for this. She knew she wanted him all over again. Dhruv was a little rough this time. He inserted it and quickly picked up the momentum. He went in and out continuously to tease her. Later, he made a rhythm until Nida could not handle it anymore. She once again found her release and so did he.

Then, he lay next to her and they cuddled while seeing the stars in the balcony. Nida asked Dhruv to make her one more drink. Dhruv readily agreed and asked her to wear her clothes. They had a quick drink and Nida asked him to accompany her for the rest of her trip. The affair on the kite flying night was memorable and they liked it.

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