When I found out that I was gay

Hello everyone. I am Eric and I am in high school. My sister has a friend named Damien who came to visit us last week. My sister met him in boarding school and so, I was just meeting him for the first time. Meeting Damien changed my life and I could discover my taste of love; I found out that I was gay.

I always thought I was straight as I used to masturbate while seeing nude pictures of women in magazine. However, Damien changed everything. He was fair and had brown hair and eyes. He was originally from Scotland and thus, he had an accent. I instantaneously liked him.

So, Damien was staying in my room. However, I did not realise what I was feeling until I saw him shirtless a couple of times. There was a sudden burning desire within me. I was completely attracted towards him. I was not understanding what was happening to me.

However, I did not want to act upon the feeling but, we were left alone when my sister had to rush for some work. We both were watching television in my room and Damien really got comfortable. He removed his t-shirt and was only wearing boxers. I could say that he used to work out.

Something happened to me and I suddenly grabbed his nipple. Damien was taken aback but, he started laughing. He said I could tell that you were interested in me but, I was not quite sure. He also asked me if this was my first experience and I nodded while blushing.

Also, Damien switched off the television and played a gay porn video on his laptop. I got aroused by that. Even he was getting aroused and so, he removed my t-shirt. His hands were on my nipples and mine were on his. Everything was clean and fun until, he started touching my dick. I was having fun but, I was equally apprehensive about it as well.

He just smiled at me and gave me a signal. Then, he pinched my nipples and sucked them. I was so aroused after that. I was enjoying the whole process completely. Then, he asked me to suck his nipples. I followed. His chest was bare and smooth. I also licked his chest passionately and he moaned gently.

After that, he just asked me to close the curtains. So, I stopped and closed the curtains and checked if the door was locked. Now, he removed his boxers as well. He was just stroking his cock casually and giving me a look. So, I went near him and grabbed his cock. I stroked it for him and started sucking it. He giggle and blushed.

I started licking the tip with my tongue. Then, I established a proper grip and took it completely in while massaging his nipples. I did not stop until he did not cum. The taste of his pre-cum made me hornier.

I briefly went in the washroom to wash my face. After I came back, he pushed me on the bed and started kissing me. He was biting my lips in the middle which made me feel aroused. He started licking and biting my neck, ear lobes and nipples as well. He also licked my stomach and I was moaning while enjoying the whole process.

Then he started biting my lips again. After a bit, he told me to suck his cock again. I did that and he started moaning loudly. Then he said that he was going to fuck me hard. He grabbed me from my hands and put me on my back. He spread my legs and started lubricating his dick with his saliva.

Then without any mercy, he inserted his dick in my ass hole and started fucking me. I was groaning in pain but, I was also enjoying it. He fucked my ass for a long time until we both were tired and sweaty.

Although, I had a lot of fun. He lay there next to me and finished our act with a sweet kiss at the end. Only then, I realised that I am attracted to boys as compared to girls and I am happy I found out that I was gay. When I asked Damien, he said that he was bisexual but, preferred the gay sex more.

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