The night I snuck into my boyfriend’s bed and seduced him innocently

I had slept with my boyfriend of one year only once. I was a girl who liked sex, but he was shy or he didn’t know how much I wanted it, I wasn’t sure. But he never tried to get in the sack with me again. I knew he got hard when we made out and I knew that he looked at me with hungry eyes, but didn’t act on his desires. I didn’t care why he didn’t want to go ahead. I just wanted him. So, one night I took it into my own hands, or took him into my own hands and seduced him innocently.

It was date night, and he was dropping me off. I somehow managed to make him stay back but he crashed in the guest bedroom. But I wasn’t done yet. In the middle of the night I tiptoed to his room and saw he was shirtless. He startled as I entered and I saw him pulling out his hand from under the covers. This was good. Good for me. “Can I sleep in here with you?” I asked. He looked pained. “No,” he huffed. “Please,” I asked with a puppy face and he allowed me on the bed. He had turned around so I quickly undressed and hopped in naked under the covers. I was pretty sure he was naked too and soon that was confirmed.

“Turn around and hold me,” I whined. He turned and as his naked body touched mine, I could feel his rigid cock set against my butt crack. I smiled in victory. I took his arm and draped it over my waist under the cover. My breasts were just about brushing his arm.  I was wiggling a little so that my nipples made contact with his skin. And soon enough his fingers began caressing my nipples and squeezing my boobs.

I pushed out my butt and came in contact with his hard penis. I began rubbing against it and he began moving to touch my pussy lips with it. His warm palms covered my breasts more willingly and he was pressing them harder. He plucked and pulled my right nipple as his body began grinding with mine. I spread my legs under the covers and started touching my clit. As I was massaging it, pleasuring myself, I felt the tip of his cock touch me there.

I reached back and rubbed the head of his cock, drawing a shiver from him. I was feeling good and could feel liquid seep from my pussy. It was weeping for his cock. I put my hand over his hand and pressed my boobs harder as he moved his cock against my butt. I lifted my right leg and draped it on his hip exposing my pussy. I pushed back the covers so he could see it. He did.

He took my lips in a long hard kiss. His tongue tangled with mine and I sucked on it. We were getting hot for each other. I pushed his hand down towards my clit and he pinched it. I almost jumped in surprise as he laughed and began massaging it. He was pressing it and plucking on it, giving me shocks. I sucked on his lips and kissed him deeper. He pushed my legs apart and circled my pussy hole. I began convulsing, trying to get his finger inside my body. Feeling it rub against my pussy walls.

Then he actually just pushed two fingers inside my pussy and I felt so good. It was like someone was scratching that itch that had built up. His mouth was on mine, kissing me and sucking my lips and his fingers were fucking me. He turned his hand around so that his palm began rubbing my clit as he finger fucked me. This was a feeling overload and I stopped kissing him to just enjoy that sensation as I peaked my orgasm. I scream and thrashed as I came at his hands.

I held on to him till my orgasm calmed and then he pushed inside his thick cock. He was long, hard and wide. His cock was massaging my pussy walls and I could feel the stirrings of a second orgasm already. My legs were still spread apart and his hands were back on my breasts, his mouth on mine. His cock slowly built up pleasure as he pumped in and out again and again.

Then he stopped and went full-on missionary. His thrusts were faster and I could hear the slap slap of his balls against my thighs. I wanted to hold on to his cock with my pussy and soon I began to have my second orgasm. I squeezed his cock and heard an “ahh” from him as he began fucking me wildly. The bed was shaking and his cock was impaling my juicy pussy again and again. “Fuck me harder!” I coaxed him and he said, “I am going to spill inside you.” “Yes! Yes!” I welcomed and pressed his balls.

“Ohhh. Ahh!” he moaned and then spilled his cum in my pussy. He kept on thrusting till his last drop was in me. He wanted to move but I wanted to savour the moment. So, I held him in place, his cock inside me and just cuddled.

That was the hottest night when I seduced him innocently and today it’s a Saturday – the weekend. I am not letting him out of the bed!

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