Fucked an older woman whole night who was not satisfied with sex

I was always into older women, attracted to milfs. They turned me on and I always had something for them. I mean I felt aroused when I was attracted to a milf. It was rare, almost never, that I felt attracted to another young woman. I was out of college and I just didn’t feel it for anything of my female classmates or juniors. But then I hadn’t looked in the right place, I guess. I went on some milf dating websites and found Lara. It was the first time I fucked an older woman the whole night.

Lara was 50 and had two kids. She was single and way too hot. The babies had given her thick hips and generous breasts. Good for me, I had thought. We had met at a library, of all places and I understood why. We were only on the first date and she didn’t trust me. But at the end of that date, I had coaxed her to talk – about her sexual desires in detail. Today was our second date and I wouldn’t be leaving her without satisfying her.

She came to my apartment with fried chicken. Loved a woman who could cook, so I devoured it. Then as we sat watching a movie, I slowly held her hands in mine. This was good, she let me. I kissed her cheek gently and when she turned her face toward me, I knew, so I kissed her lips. I licked the rims of the lips and sucked on them gently. I was holding her body close mine and I could feel her soft breasts against my chest, I got hard, thinking of what I could do with those breasts.

I wanted to touch them so badly but I controlled. To my surprise, she took my hands and placed it over them. “So sexy,” I whispered against her mouth as I fondled the boobs over her clothes. This would be slow, I knew, as I wanted to take time with these babies. I had never fucked an older woman whole night and now I was going to do it. I was so excited and my cock was jumping or twitching with joy.

I began kissing her boobs, playing and plumping them. They were so soft and pliable. Her nipples turned turgid and were visible through her bra and top. I pushed on her nipples and she closed her eyes in ecstasy. I was pulling on those little tight nubs as I heard her whimpering. I kissed her again while playing with her nipples. My tongue tangled with hers and I swear I could feel the passion. It was like she wanted to bite me. “Unhhh, unhh,” her moans filled my ears.

Her moans spurred me on. I tore open her blouse and saw that she was wearing a lacy number. Again, her nipples attracted my attention and I bent down and nibbled on one. Gosh, it was so sexy. I placed kisses on her cleavage as she groped my ass. I liked it that she was touching and groping my ass. Would make a great side with a blowjob. I pulled open her bra and her breasts spilled out. I removed all of her clothes, including her panties and saw that she was shaved. I touched the smooth pussy area and she spread her legs wide for me to see her pink flesh.

But I wanted her boobs again. I held them both, weighing and jiggling them. I shoved my face into them and sucked on the part nearest my mouth. She held my head again as I pinched and twirled her nipple. I sucked on one nipple and plucked on the other. My hands snaked away to her clit and she let me touch her there. I circled her clit and then used my thumb and forefinger to play with it. I pinched on it and rubbed on it. I could feel liquid coming out of her body.

I ran my hands all over her body, touching and feeling her. She was smooth all over.  I pushed two fingers into her vagina and finger fucked her. I went down on her and parted her folds to see a pink clit. I licked on it and then attached my lips to it. I was sucking on it as she clutched at my hair. I was nibbling on it when I decided to push in three fingers inside her vagina. I began finger fucking her as I sucked on her clitoris and she was leaking hard. Suddenly she wanted to move my head away, but I had latched on. I was caressing her g-spot and I knew she was beginning to cum. I nibble don her clit and moved my fingers faster. She screamed – “Ahhhh, ahhhhhhh!” and then just squirted at my hands.

She was quite limp after that with a content smile on her face. I laughed and kissed her lips as I cuddled with her. I wanted skin to skin so I quickly undressed and held on to her body. I was caressing her chest and abdomen when my cock jerked against her ass. She turned to look at me and then went down. My cock was at her service and moved again as she held on and licked the head.

She sucked on the top gently and pressed my balls with it. I felt pleasure unlike any other. Then she took in my cock and took it all the way in. I could feel the throat constricting around the head and shivered. I liked this. Her boobs were brushing over my thighs and she continued deep throating me, bobbing her head up and down. She rubbed my length as she suckled my head and I knew that I needed to fuck her.

I pulled her up and squeezed her boobs while fingering her pussy. She was wet from her previous orgasm, so I sheathed myself and rubbed my cock over her pussy lips. I pushed inside her with full force and her pussy covered me snugly. I held on to her boobs and began fucking her cunt. My thrusts were wild and I just wanted to live in her vagina. “an I fuck your ass?” I asked her. She chewed her lips and nodded.

I lubed her ass up and put her on her fours. I slowly pushed in my cock and she moaned. Her ass was tight. I moved in and out a bit and then I felt comfortable. I pulled out and lay down on the bed. I took her in my arms and then asked her to push my cock in her ass. I moved her body up and down so that my cock fucked her ass. She held on to my neck and kissed me there, smothering her moans of pleasure.

Then I pushed her up against the wall and took her pussy from behind. I was pinching her nipples and squeezing her boobs as my cock fucked her hard. Her pussy was squeezing me and her channel was not letting me go. I was loving the feeling. Her hand snaked behind and she pressed my balls. As soon as she did that, I squeezed her nipple hard. She screamed again and came, taking me with her orgasm. My semen shot out of me and filled up in the condom.

I fucked an older woman the whole night and took both her pussy and ass multiple times. We are now dating and it has been 6 months already. Thanks to those milf websites that I met Lara. We are great sex and I am always satisfied after every sex session we have.

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