Cross Border Love and Romance with Natalie

I met Natalie online through a social media platform. She had come up on friend suggestions and I felt this thing…..can’t describe it too well in words. Later I found out that she was my friends’ friend. I added her as a friend and she accepted. We began talking to each other through the chat option. Minutes soon turned to hours as we joked about our mutual friends and this is how I found our cross border love.

I was based in the US and Natalie was from France. She had American roots – her grandparents had chosen the French Riviera, while her parents moved to the countryside. She was born and raised in a French village, eventually moving to a city for college. She was fluent in English as well, so we had no problem communicating with each other. I made it clear soon enough that I was interested in her romantically.

Our casual conversations became romantic and then sensual in nature. We would often talk about her love for sexy lingerie and although I would tease her, secretly I would be holding my cock, thinking of her sexy body in a negligee. One night, after a particularly hard day, I was in a sullen mood. Natalie was waiting for me online, on a video call and I was sulking. So instead, she began acting naughty. “Do you want to see me naked?” she said. This piqued my interest and my hand immediately grabbed my cock.

I smiled and she understood. “My naughty boy wants to see me?” she asked. “Yes, I want to see you,” I said excitedly. “Yeah? Then show me your cock,” she replied saucily. I grinned and just pulled off my shirt. “Now your turn,” I said, hoping to see her boobs at least. She just laughed and twirled in her short dress and I saw her lacy panties. I was now rubbing my cock slowly.  She bent a little and I saw some great cleavage. Then very suddenly her top came off and I glimpsed her naked breasts. They were large and round with cherry coloured nipples. She looked so sexy this way and I couldn’t help myself but grunt as I rubbed my cock again. Our cross border love was getting hot!

“Tell me. Are you touching your cock?” she asked me and smiled in triumph. I laughed and nodded. Then she touched her breasts and pressed them together making me hornier. She pinched her nipples and I had to imagine myself licking and sucking on them as she moaned. She sat down and spread her legs in front of the camera. She was wet and this made me excited. “Are you wet for me?” I asked her. “Mhmmm,” she murmured, as she rubbed her pussy over the lace.

I couldn’t control myself anymore and just went for it. I began rubbing my cock harder and pressing my balls with it. I knew I would come as soon as she….damn! She pushed the material aside and gave me a glimpse of her sweet pussy. It was leaking and her clit was clearly enlarged. She lay back and all I could see was her pussy and clit. She was rubbing and pinching the nub as she moaned. She pushed two fingers inside her pussy and her face showed ecstasy. And then just like that she squirted and I came at my hands.

We continued our rendezvous online and indulged in virtual sex, but I longed for a soft body and I told Natalie this. Then on my birthday, a package turned up at my house. When I opened it, I saw there was a doll, life-size and who looked just like Natalie. That night she told me that she ordered me a sex doll from My Robot Doll. She had heard great reviews and thought it would cheer me up on my birthday. Plus, it looked a lot like her. She told me that this was a gift and that she would come to see me in person soon.

I was a little apprehensive as I had never used a sex doll before. But this was Natalie! My brain said. That night we had a video call again and she convinced me to try the doll out. I was touched by her thoughtfulness for my sexual well-being, so I decided to indulge her.

She was dirty talking to me as I decided to touch the doll. I could hear her voice behind me as she encouraged me. I felt the breasts. They were soft to touch, jiggly. I pulled open her clothes and ran my hands all over the body. I pressed her breasts gently at first and then I just grabbed them and pressed hard. I bent and sucked on her nipples and then nibbled on them. My cock was growing hard and I grabbed it. “I want to fuck you,” I blurted and stopped. Nat smiled and nodded.

I unsheathed my cock and covered myself in lube and plunged into the doll’s vagina. Immediately I felt pleasure coursing through me. It was like I was fucking Natalie in real life. I began rocking in and out of her tight body. There were ridges inside the pussy and it was gripping my cock. I moaned and continued. On and on I went and then I came. My cock was rigid and spurting as I was massaging my balls for increased pleasure. I came hard and spurt inside the doll’s pussy and I just had had the most incredible orgasm. I thanked Natalie and told her I loved her for it. I slept easier that night.

Our cross border love finally made us meet one spring day. That day was so special and I jumped with joy. We lived in my apartment for a few weeks and then eloped to get married. Day after tomorrow, is our wedding night and I just can’t wait!

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