How I lost my virginity to my high school sweetheart

This has been going on for months now me waking up from a sex dream, panting with my heart throbbing like crazy. In my dreams, I am always making out with someone hot but his face is hazy and lost my virginity as well. I talked to my girlfriends about this stupid dream. My three […]

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Stripped off virginity overnight

Hailey and her girlfriends lay around the room, they had finally finished their last exam for the semester. “Hailey you have got to come for the semester blast party! ”said Ammie excitedly. Leona joined her in, trying hard to convince their friend. Hailey, although being a nerd, finally settles on coming. The three girls get […]

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Teen’s Introduction to Virtual Sex-Part 1

I was 17 when I first discovered the pleasure of virtual sex. I had accidentally sneaked into my brother’s room at night and to my utter bewilderment I saw him jerking off to a random naked girl on webcam. After a few months, I started talking to guys on free online sex chat forums. The […]

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