Stripped off virginity overnight

Hailey and her girlfriends lay around the room, they had finally finished their last exam for the semester. “Hailey you have got to come for the semester blast party! ”said Ammie excitedly. Leona joined her in, trying hard to convince their friend. Hailey, although being a nerd, finally settles on coming. The three girls get dressed in minimal clothes and get to the house two blocks away. “Whose house is this by the way?” Hailey asks Leona curiously. It wasn’t like the other houses in the block it was more like a mansion. “It is Asher’s, all-time famous football team captain, the eye-catcher,” Leona says as the three of them enter the house. Sooner, the party will turn hot and claim virginity instantly.

It seemed crowded, it didn’t look filthy like a cliché teenage party. Ammie hands out two cups of beer to the girls. “Have any of you been here before?” Hailey questions. “Yah we came to the last party Asher had hosted, it was a pool one, too sexy” they explain to her winking and giggling, the drinks were doing their work well. Another half an hour into the party Hailey was alone. “Hey sexy..!” Hailey felt someone tap her shoulders and the next thing she knows he is sitting next to her. “Which school are you from?” He asks her, leaving Hailey in disbelief. “We go to the same school Asher, I am Hailey.!” She says rolling her eyes. “So, what’s a hot ass like u doing, sitting alone at the kitchen counter?” Asher says flirting. “If, not this, what would you rather have me do?” Hailey plays along. “Get laid girl..” He replies pulling out a joint.

“Do you want to lie down?” Asher whispers into her ears. She just giggles at it. Asher grabs her small back and guides her through the stairs into one of the bedrooms in the house. When Hailey sees the bed she realizes what ideas Asher might be getting so she refuses to sit on the bed. Instead, she leans on the closed door and slides down to the floor. “Floor is fine,” Asher says coming and sitting next to her, smoking his joint. He looks at Hailey finding her staring at him, “do you want a puff?” He asks. She slowly shakes her head. “I don’t know how to!” She says embarrassed. “Come sit here, I will teach you!”

Asher says widening his legs making space in the middle for her petite body to fit in. Hailey wouldn’t have liked their proximity if they were sober but for the present, it felt good. “Here draw, in some first,” he says placing the joint on her lips from behind, her back pressed against his front, she could hardly concentrate. “Now, push it down your throat,” he says placing his hand on her neck from behind lightly, his thumb rubbing against her temples. “Now, breath out all the smoke that comes,” he says. With that, she takes her first puff. She feels him grab her hair slightly and pull her back. “Your hair smells nice!” Asher exclaims. “Thanks”.

Once Asher is done with his joint he places both of his hands on her inner thighs and spreads them out on the floor, placing them on either side of his legs. “When you want me to stop, all you have to do is say ‘stop’ ” and with that he slides his hands all through her body finally reaching her, touching her, sending shivers down her spine. “You are so wet” he exclaims. Hailey had never been touched before the way Asher played with her inner sides and it might be the time to lose virginity.

Asher gets his other hand attending to her clitoris, while he put his fingers into her. She leaves a small gasp of which she couldn’t decipher for pain or pleasure. He goes in slowly, enjoying her small gasps. Next, he closes her mouth and puts in four, slowly at first then with much more force and speed. Hailey whimpers at his mercy, she puts her head back resting them on his shoulder, and pushes her chest out, clearly showing her perfect boobs, bulging out of her cami top making him go hard under her. He licks her off his figures, lifting her off his lap to put her back on the wooden floor. He takes off his T-shirt and pulls her legs to get her lying on the floor, putting himself between her legs to further play with her virginity.

He tastes her first on his lips and then tongues she was pouring out for him. He eats her out and starts playing with her clitoris with his thumb, she rolls her eyes and moans ever so softly. He gets on his feet, “would you be able to stand?” He asks helping her, seeing her legs shiver under his touch. He knocks her out of breath when he pushes her against the door. He takes off her cami top and fondles her raw breasts. He wets his fingers and pinches her tits, kissing her passionately, nibbling at her lower lips.

She could taste the smoke and weed. He lifts Hailey off her feet and places her on the bed, in a doggy style. He fingers a few more times before pushing himself inside her taking off her virginity. Asher takes slow, considering how tight her pussy was. She feels a sharp pain and jerks in front. ”Is this your first time?” He asks something which had gotten quite obvious. He takes her silence as a yes. “Darn” Asher says. “What’s wrong?” Hailey asks feeling vulnerable, still in the same position. “Nothing, just need to do this right!” He winks. He starts licking her from the back to get her muscles to relax. After a few good licks, he puts some of his saliva on her vagina and inserts her easily this time, she lets out a moan. Now the pain of losing virginity is gone.

Asher finds her moans very attractive, he thrushes in harder to get her to moan louder. The music out would subside her moans. He grabs her breast, pulls, and fucks her. “Oh God.. fuck me!” Hailey shouts. “That’s right honey,” he says and goes in harder. “I feel like I am going to lose it” Hailey, says between her, fast breaths. “Like I am going pee myself out” she screams. “Let it out baby,” Asher says.  Hailey relaxes and sprays herself on the creaking bed. “That’s how you get a good orgasm”. Asher stops and gets himself out. He gets out of the bed leaving Hailey to sleep after having a nice sex and losing virginity with him.

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