Saw Live sex of my brother and his girlfriend Molly

I was eighteen when I first met Molly. She was supposedly my older brother’s girlfriend. I say supposedly because he never introduced her as his girl, but still, I would watch them get handsy and make out. I would get extremely horny when I saw Molly in person because she would exude sex. She was blonde and had a sexy body. The body that she wasn’t afraid or shy about displaying. Her tight shirts and short shorts would make my dick stand up in attention. I had seen her doing dirty things with my brother, not once, but twice and both the times I had a good rub after locking myself in my room. And then, I saw live sex of my brother and Molly.

Once my brother and I were on the beach, just hanging out. And then Molly shows up. She was actually wearing full clothes, considering we were on the beach. A skirt and loose top covered her big breasts as she walked up to where we were. She and my brother then went off towards the rocks as I sunbathed. I decided to follow them and hid behind a huge boulder when I found them. My brother’s fingers were inside her panties as she said filthy things to him. In front of my eyes, he tore off her top and pulled down her bra cups.

He was pinching her nipples and his hand continued to move inside her panties. She was leaning on a rock as he was doing these filthy things to her. I touched my cock and masturbated, watching him bend down and suck on her nipple. Then he pulled her up and turned her around. He pushed down his shorts and his hips moved forward. I couldn’t see his cock, but I knew he was fucking her. He was holding her breasts tightly and squeezing them as he pistoned in and out of her pussy. That was a hot memory and I remember cumming in my hands as I watched them fuck in the open. Then I ran home, so they didn’t catch me watching.

The second time I caught them with their pants down, literally, is when she had come over for lunch and it was only my mom, brother and me. My mum ate quickly and left for work but I hung around, waiting to see what these two would do. Soon I saw Molly’s eyes roll back and then I noticed my brother’s hands moving. They were too into it, so I left the dining room and went out. Now from that window, I had a good view, under the table and over it. He was playing with her pussy. She was clean shaved and I could clearly see the pink of her folds as he tickled and manipulated her clit. Sometimes he would press the clit or pinch it. When he realized that they were alone, he came down under the table and put his mouth where his hands were. Molly began moaning and writhing as he was doing something with his tongue and mouth.

Then he got back up and removed all the dishes from the table. He put her on top of the table and took off all her clothes. Now I could see her fully naked. Her pert breasts and large nipples. I couldn’t see her pussy, but I knew my brother was having a view of it. I saw his cock as he penetrated her, her legs parted and she crying in pleasure. The table shook with his thrusts and her breasts jiggled. Again, while watching them my cock got hard. He was slapping her breasts now, handling them roughly and pinching her nipples. She was moaning and shaking. I was masturbating watching them and couldn’t control myself. I came and made a loud noise which startled them.

Then I ran from there, to the woods behind our house, cock in hand. I finished up with memories of Molly’s body and imagination. I left for college after that and didn’t see Molly at all. But I still think of her when I want to masturbate and I am alone in my dorm room. I am happy that I saw live sex of my brother and Molly, as I can imagine her any time 🙂

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