My first date and hot sex in the car

Have you ever had a wild fantasy? Some act which is wild and yet so hot that you desire it. I had one such desire and this is my story of how it was fulfilled. I had a fantasy of being pleasured and fucked outdoors. Something naughty. The feeling you have when you are naked and feeling good while someone else watches. This was my first date with Dimitry and ended up having sex in the car.

Dimitry was muscular and brawny and I was attracted to him. So, once he approached for a date I agreed. We went out and had a nice meal with plenty of drinks. He was a good conversationist and I dug that. While returning in the car, Dimitry propositioned. “Do you want me to pleasure you right now? As Anton (the driver) watches?” I was shocked for a minute. “But this is our first date?” I murmured. “So? I can’t pleasure you on the first date?” he asked. I pondered for a bit and as I was thinking, Dimitry started kissing my neck. It was getting harder to think about having sex in the car and as he caressed my knee, I spread my legs.

“Do I take that as a yes?” he asked and I finally nodded. He took my lips in a kiss. It was hot as he fondled my breasts above the dress. I could see Anton watching us in the mirror and I immediately felt hot. Then we stopped at a signal and there were cars with people on both sides. He stops kissing me and pushes my legs further apart. The hem of the dress is pushed up swiftly. It is a long wait as there is a jam at the signal and we are surrounded by people. The minute his fingers brush against my inner thigh, I want to close up. But he looks into my eyes and smiles. He watches me as his fingers part my folds and caress my clit. I shiver at his touch and immediately I realize that Anton can see my pussy. And right enough, he is watching.

This makes me wet and Dimitry uses this distraction to push one finger inside my pussy. My pelvis moves of its own accord and I twitch. He watches me move and then plays with my clit, like pulling on guitar strings. I feel a rush of pleasure as he pushes two fingers inside my pussy. He fingerfucks me lazily as we wait for the signal to turn green. Then he gets down on his knees and pulls away my panties. I see him bending down further and soon he licks my folds. He doesn’t care to search for the clit. Instead, he just licks the whole space. Makes me anticipate what is coming.

Then he parts my folds using his tongue and finds my clit. He licks all around it and then finally licks the clitoris. His large palms grab my ass as he moves me up so he can access my clit better. He begins to suck on my clit and my body rises in pleasure. Then I hear Anton say, “I want to see your tits.” I am shocked for a minute but then I feel Dimitry’s tongue on my clit. He is going to town sucking it. I open up my blouse and my tits are exposed. I touch one boob and play with the nipple, looking at Anton, as he watches me. Dimitry reaches up and pinches the other nipple while he is sucking on my clit and I shoot off. I release my orgasm as he still licks me. My pussy clenches in pleasure as I am moaning loudly. And once out of my reverie, I see a teenage boy watching me with his mouth open. The traffic finally moves and Dimitry is back in his seat.

We drive some more and eventually halt at a lookout. It is still light out and we park. Anton makes no move to get out and I know what’s coming. Dimitry unzips himself and pulls out his cock. He is large, swollen and looking rigid. I am leaking because of my earlier orgasm. So, Dimitry covers himself in that liquid and makes me sit on him. I rise a little and slowly take his cock inside. He is large and he is stretching me, but I like it. I mount him and jump on his cock a bit, rotating my hips and jiggling my boobs in front of his face. He takes a nipple in his mouth, sucking on it gently as I bounce on him.

My pussy wants to hold on to his cock and not let go. The pleasure is getting intense as his cock penetrates my pussy and stretches it out. I moan and ask him to suck on my nipples harder. He does and then bites me there. My pussy clenches tightly and he goes still. He stops me from jumping on his cock. Having sex in the car is a bit uncomfortable but is fun for sure.

Then I stand a little and turn around facing Anton. I sit back down and Dimitry inserts his cock in my pussy again. This time though, Anton can see my naked body. The car is large and the driver has full view of the back seat. I start jumping and bouncing on Dimitry’s cock again as my boobs bounce now, for Anton’s eyes. Then just as I start slowing, Dimitry’s hand reaches forward and pinches my clit. I start to cum and in my passion, I clutch at Anton’s shirt. I notice his hands are moving.

I cum hard and Dimitry spills inside me too. I fall back on the seat and see Dimitry’s cock glistening in my wetness. He wipes it off and kisses me. But I keep watching Anton. I knew he was masturbating. Was his cock big? What would it be like to be double penetrated and have sex in the car together? With all these thoughts in my mind, we drive off.

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