Sex In the Hotel with a Stranger

Sex with a stranger, sound strange? Isn’t it? But when both the people are ready, on the same side and excited for checking out each other, this strange feeling can turn kinky. I just finished hanging up the phone and sat in the hotel lobby waiting for my friend, I saw a hot man sitting right in front and checking my legs with his dazzling eyes. He was making me hungry for his touch just by watching me from far. The cool breeze in the open hotel lobby lifted my skirt, felt like nature also wanted us to have sex in the hotel real hard.

This magnified the ache in my clit where I also felt aroused. The hotel service department handed over me the keys, and I intentionally dropped my keys in front of that stranger and quickly unbuttoned my top two buttons of the shirt. I bent towards him to give him the closer look of my juicy boobs and wanted him to just grab them.

I gave him a sweet smile and walked towards my hotel room. He followed me. I unlocked the room and took him inside my room. I lay down and said, “Hie, I am Aledra, would you like to watch me playing with my pussy”? I kept rolling my fingers on my black bikini brief. I asked again, “Is it exciting for you?”

He took my face in his hands and pressed his lips on mine. It was a dominant and possessive kiss. He told me that he will fuck me like a brazen woman, the way I acted in the hotel lobby. His hand was tightened around my throat and I could feel his cock stiffening. His cock was all set to reclaim and determined for conquering. He was so tempting that it’s hard to explain. I unbuttoned his white shirt and started kissing his clean-shaven chest. He suddenly commanded, “Turn around”. Then he added, “Turn around and take off all your clothes.” I didn’t know sex in the hotel with a stranger would be something new and so exciting for me.

His gaze was unshakeable. I immediately turned my face towards the wall and unbuttoned my shirt and shrugged my ass free of the short skirt. My beautiful curves were all visible. He started teasing my pert nipples for coming out and pointing at him. He pressed his cock against my lips and said “Show me what you have in store for me” I grasped the huge cock and started licking and sucking the tip. I was making loud sounds and, in a few seconds, it was all wet.

He asked me in between, “How does it feel?” and I said, “I am in heaven.”

Then he laid me down on the bed and spread my legs apart. He started rubbing my clit. I panted and moaned which made his cock more rigid. It was now the time to fulfill the endless horny desires.

It was making me fucking crazy. He then turned me and spanked my ass brutally. He flipped me over on my back and I began writhing for him. He rubbed his cock over my clit and fingered my pussy. I had orgasm multiple times. He was now sucking my tits. His cock filled my pussy. He asked me then to open my mouth and he rubbed his cock on me.

Suddenly he pushed his dick in my mouth. I was unable to handle it but he started fucking my mouth. The lust was on the peak and it woke up the whore in me. His first spurt of semen burst into my mouth and then it was all over my tits, navel, and over my twat.

He came on my boobs and this sex in the hotel with a stranger was much hotter than I expected.

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