Hot sex with Manager after Lockdown

“Bye! Have an amazing day!” I waved bye to my youngest kid. I had just dropped him off at school and now I was on my way back home. Life was boring, it had finally returned to being normal with school, office, traffic, and everything that comes with it. The lockdown had been pure torture, I was at home with my husband and two kids, no food order-ins so I was either busy cooking in the afternoon or getting hardcore fucked in the night by my husband. We are both workaholics we hardly spend time, but this lockdown made me play many roles I hadn’t imagined. But now I was bored, my busy office life had made me forget how good it felt to have an orgasm, but this nature gifted vacation made me realize how much more sex do I need in my life. I had heard having hot sex with manager in movies but in reality it hadn’t happened yet.

I always felt that dick sizes never mattered in a physical relationship with a male partner, be it your husband or boyfriend it is just another small part of our life. But now I want more of that, I reached home and took a quick shower. I and my husband were quickly munching on our breakfasts, “We will go together for the meet so come back soon!” He muffled between his bites, I nodded, grabbed my bag, and rushed out. I had made sure to keep my dress for the evening in the bag so that I don’t get late getting dressed at home.

Being back to the office after so many days felt so good it had been a week and I had been interacting with my manager a lot lately, he was a middle-aged man, he walked into my office in his jet black suit and tie, files in his hands, his perfume filled the room and I wanted to smell more of it for some weird reasons. Either my hormones were high or I have been imagining some weird eye connection between the both of us. At the beginning of last week when we had a welcome party at the office he was introduced as our new manager since then we try to get each other alone in a room. A silent mutual want for each other.

He suddenly started blabbering about our next deals and meetings, my secretary had given me the schedule and most of it involved me being around this sexy fellow I felt a connection to so, I was in a good mood already. I had got many missed calls from my husband throughout my work today and I had ignored them all. I didn’t want my hot manager to find any reason to stay away from me. After, we were done dealing with our last client of the day we just sat there in his cabin files spread everywhere. Who knows, it might end up with a hot sex with manager?

I went to the washroom and took off my office clothes. I put on my body con dress for the meet, my phone was buzzing. I was late, I quickly put on my make up and made my hair and then realized that my back zipper was still open and my hands couldn’t reach out to close it. I got out and he was still seated there, he glanced at me and shamelessly started checking me out but I didn’t mind. I turned around indicating him to put my zipper on, which he did silently. “So do you want me to drop you off somewhere?” He asked eyeing me. “No my driver is already waiting for me. “No, I insist.” Something about the way he asked made me stare him in the eye and slowly nod for a yes.

We set out on the road and the ride was silent, he broke it, “Can I take you out to night?” He surprised me, this is what I wanted, I wanted him to make the first move, I am so into him.

He parked and opened the door for me, it was his Bungalow. It was beautiful, he led the way inside and handed me a glass of wine. I could hear my heels clicking against the wooden floor as I looked around, everything was classy. He took my hands in his and kissed them. He said, “You are a beautiful lady”. I blushed in reply, and pulled him towards me. We stayed very close to each other and then we locked our lips, kissing like crazy and wild. He put his hands inside my bra and started squeezing my breasts. He caught me by my waist and led me to a room. The dark room with dim lights excited me even more. I wanted hot sex with manager as I was on the edge of excitement.

I knew he couldn’t see my face so I pulled his collar. I pushed my tongue inside his mouth, while he squeezed the life out of my huge breasts. He pressed my ass and then we started to undress each other quickly. I noticed he had already left precum on his pants. He made me sit on the bed and groped me from behind. He started licking my jawline with his tongue making me get goosebumps, playing with my boobs from the top of my bra so well. He then started licking my neck, making me get more horny for him and his grip on my boobs got more firm.

He opened my bra and started sucking and biting my nipple. He bit my nipple quite hard and let it go but I was moaning continuously. I slowly slid my hands down towards his dick. It was so hard and it felt perfect in my palm. Once he was done doing my boobs I bent down and kissed the top pink part of his dick. I put some saliva on the tip of his dick and let it trickle down till his shaft. I took the whole of him inside my mouth and he closed his eyes and moaned. I massaged his balls and moved my tongue around his foreskin. I took his dick deep into my throat and my saliva started flowing out of my mouth. I spluttered on his cum but didn’t get dick out, instead I took opt deeper and gave a mind blowing blowjob.

He grabbed my butt and placed me in front of him. He hooked his fingers on my panty and removed it. My wetness had seeped into it. He licked my belly, my navel, teased me and he kissed my inner thighs. I shivered and scratched his back and moaned. He kissed my pussy from above when I pulled him close begging him to insert his penis. He got the hint and started fidgeting with the two lobes of my pussy. He started sucking my pussy very hard and he was doing fingering in between. It felt so good, every time he licked my clitoris and pushed his tongue inside my vagina. We both were on our foot, I grinded my hips against his hard dick as we both felt so aroused.

He got me to lie down on the bed and put on a condom. He took his hard dick in his hands and rubbed it against my pussy, lubricating his dick well. He then entered my hole and I winced. He was huge and my husband never gave me this feeling. I moved away from him to get his dick to go less deeper, after a few lose strokes. He pulled me back to my old position in a doggy style and held my both the hands at the back, restraining me from moving again. The room was filled with my moans and his huffs. His dick was going so deep, I felt like I was in a different world all together. Something my husband could not give me. He continuously fucked me until we came together. My face was red and my thighs were still shivering from the intense and hot sex with manager. We sipped our wine and sat in a very comfortable silence.

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