Fucked My Mature Boss During an Official Trip

My boss was in her late thirties and was a very stern lady. She had made everyone’s life difficult in the office. We were all tired of her and were finding ways of dealing with her swiftly. The coming week was even horrible for me as I came to know that I had to travel with her for a client meet and presentation.I am Kartik and I have recently shifted to a new job. I am 27 and I am a software designer. I am single and I mostly run solo on most days. The trip was going to bring me exciting fun and I am going to narrate my story of how I fucked my mature boss.

We landed in our destination and we checked in to our respective rooms. We were free that evening as the seminar started the next day. I was getting bored and so, I started watching porn videos online. I was getting in the mood to fly solo and I heard someone knocking on the door. I was super irritated and paused the video to open the door.

I saw my boss there. She told me that this was not a vacation and it would be nice if we could discuss some points about the presentation. I was frustrated and horny both. She noticed the bulge on my pants and knew I was doing something horny. I could not risk my job and said, yes I will be there in some time. She asked what I was doing. I said nothing. She kept asking me. To my surprise, I pulled her in my room and locked the door. Then, I just pushed her against the wall and leaned on her. God knows how I got that guts to do this to the Hitler lady but I did it.

Her breasts were rubbing against my chest. She was stumped and speechless both. She could not utter a word. I just looked at her lips and started kissing them. Initially she tried to push me, but gave up. To my surprise, she responded. I took her and pushed her on to the bed. I removed her suit. She usually used to wear traditional mostly.

I unbuttoned her short and she let me take the lead for once. I took off her bra and could see her boobs which were firm and perky both. I started massaging them and sucking her nipples. While I was doing that to her, I suddenly remembered the adult sex video I was watching on my phone.

I switched it on and told her that I would exactly do things to her that the man was doing to his partner in the video. She simply nodded her head. I took her pants off and within no time she was nude and vulnerable both in front of me. Her hairy pussy was not shaved for years I guess. The man in the video was spanking the woman continuously.

I told her to get on all fours and did the same to her. Weirdly, all my frustration was simmering down. I continued spanking her. After a while, she started screaming and I enjoyed it even more. The man in the sex video was fucking his partner by now. The moans of the lady form the video further turned me on and seemingly she liked it too.

I continued to spank my boss and to my surprise she allowed me to do it. Later I unbuttoned my pants and inserted my penis in her anus. I started off slow but I was so excited that I increased the speed immediately. She started screaming with pain and pleasure. It further turned me on and I grabbed her breasts. I started pressing them uncontrollably. She again screamed.

The sex video was over by now and it was just her voice that I could here. After a while, I just turned her over and without saying a word, inserted my cock in her hairy pussy. She was panting and her face was red. Although, I continued to fuck her as I was getting immense pleasure in doing so. She came multiple times but I only stopped after I was done. Oh no, I had fucked my mature boss and now I had to deal with it.

I was surprised to see her obeying me throughout because she is such a manipulative and dominating boss in the office. I asked her my dilemma and she told me that she is having a bad sex life with her husband for quite a long and was craving for sex. So, she allowed me to touch her. At the same time, she made it clear that it was just a one time thing and if I acted smart, she would throw me out of her office. Thus, she was back to being the mean boss she was. We never discussed this until now, but god knows when we will be back to the bed again, I don’t mind. But the memories of how I got excited by a video and fucked my mature boss will always remain with me.

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