Sex with Girlfriend after a long time brought our spicy life back

My girlfriend was upset with me lately. I was busy with work and could not focus on her at all. So, I thought of surprising her the coming weekend. I told her to come to my apartment. She did not wanted to come as our relationship went through a real tough phase. By the way, I am Abbas 25 years and my girlfriend is 23. We have been in intimate relationship for a long time and I like having sex with girlfriend frequently.

My girlfriend is a graphic designer and so, she had some fixed clients. On the other hand, I was in the sales department and thus, I had to travel and attend meetings. So, I was not able to give her enough time. However, I planned a proper weekend with her at my apartment only.

She was just bored of it and I could sense it. However, I did not give up and so she agreed. At the same time, I had different plans for her. I decorated the place with candles and rose petals. I arranged for red wine instead of beers. I also got her favourite Chinese food.

She was surprised to see all this. She had not made any efforts in dressing up as she did not expect all this from me. She was wearing a normal tee and jeans. She just hugged me and kissed me after almost a month. I played jazz music which was her favourite.

We had two-three glasses of wine and I apologised to her for being a jerk. She giggled and kissed me again. I took this as an opportunity and just got my hand inside her pants. I have always been telling her to wear dresses as it is easier to get my hands inside her. However, she wears jeans to tease me.

Once again she started laughing, as I was struggling to get my hands inside her pants. I just carried her and straight took her to the bedroom. I put her on the bed and unbuttoned the jeans and removed it completely. I removed her tee as well.

I could see the fancy lingerie that she had worn. I quickly removed my pants as well. I started giving her a feet massage for sex. I could tell by her expressions that she was loving it. I casually kissed her foot. She giggled. I started kissing her further. I kissed her knees, then her thighs. I went up and kissed her waist and stomach and finally reached her breasts. I opened her bra and her boobs popped in front of me. The juicy boobs I always love to suck like a baby.

I started massaging them and she started moaning with pleasure. I was playing with her nipples and then I started sucking them. She was again moaning. Her moans made me increase my tempo. I also kissed her neck for a bit as she used to really like it.

I then came down and removed her panty. I kissed it again and I started licking it. She was totally loving it as her sweet moans were going beyond control now. I started licking her clitoris and she screamed with pleasure. Slowly, I started fingering her. I was feeding her with pleasure as I wanted that night to be only about her. I was having sex with girlfriend after a month which was not ideal as we used to meet almost every weekends.

Her eyes told that she loved it. Simultaneously, I started kissing her as well. Our tongues entwined and she came. I took of my fingers. I fed her fetish for sex and then slowly inserted my cock in to her. She was more than ready for it.

I increased the speed of the in and out of her pussy. She screamed with pain initially as I did insert directly. I kept fucking her in normal pose and then we switched to doggy which she adores. It was a wonderful date that I spent with my beloved. Later, she told me she was craving for more and so, we went for round two. Thus, we made up with each other over sex. She asked for more wine and I happily let her drink it as she used to talk dirty to me once she was drunk. Later that night, when she was sleeping in my arms I realised sex with girlfriend is as important as my work and I am trying to balance it henceforth.

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