Sex with a Stranger before my Marriage to fulfil my desires

I had a normal sex life with my college boyfriend. Our relationship was going great and we were going to get married as well. However, I always used to feel that the passion was missing between us. I liked experimenting with things and my boyfriend always preferred the usual vanilla sex. I always wanted to have sex with a stranger to enjoy the thrill of having an unwanted affair.

I tried talking to him about the same but nothing changed. However, I used to watch BDSM porn videos and fetish sex videos online and tried to fulfil my desires. As our wedding date was approaching quickly, I thought of having one last great encounter with someone else. I loved my boyfriend but, I needed to fulfil my desires at least once.

However, I was scared of doing it with anyone as I did not want to break my boyfriend’s heart. So, I thought of getting it out of my system by using a dating application. I was just wondering if it was the right thing to do but, I did it anyway. I swiped right at a couple of guys and got a match with few.

I rechecked the matches and like a guy named Harry. He was smart and well built. We decided to meet at a club which was in the outskirts of the city. I was wearing my black high slit dress which showed my deep cleavage as well.

I went to the bar and spotted him. He was early and was waiting for me eagerly. He was a wearing a brown leather jacket with ripped jeans. He was looking damn hot and I was almost wet just by looking at him.

He greeted me well and we ordered some whiskey. We had a great conversation and I got carried away by his sense of humour. It was a great evening. We ordered starters and drinks. We were both tipsy and thought of getting in to his car. May be this was going to be the fun part of meeting someone on the first date and going ahead for sex with a stranger.

We went on to the back seat of the car and he started kissing me. I did support him. He was smelling nice and I loved the aroma. He was getting aroused and so as me. Without wasting any time he inserted his hands inside my top and started pressing my boobs. I was not a virgin he knew and he slid his hands inside my pants and started fingering me. He swiftly removed my lacy panty. Then, he inserted his first three fingers inside of me and started thumping it. I felt the pressure inside and immediately grabbed his face. I started kissing him.

His lips were soft and his breath smelled of cigarettes and whiskey. I continued to kiss him. He swiftly bit my ear and started kissing my neck. Very smoothly, he got his hands inside and felt my boobs. I had not worn my bra because I wanted my breasts to just be.

He seemed surprised at first but, then immediately started pressing my boobs. I swiftly went up till his crotch and opened his fly. I unbuttoned his jeans and dragged his underwear and pants down. He told me that I am too fast. I just smiled but my eyes showed the hunger.

He immediately took the signal and inserted his penis inside my neatly shaved pussy. Although, the backseat of the car was not as comfortable as I imagined it to be. But, Harry was great. He was wild and he just continued the motions with great force. I was riding his cock and he was pressing my breasts. The car was shaking badly as I was riding his dick with my full energy. It was just the way I had imagined.

He took out a penis spray from his car and applied on his shaft. I didn’t knew what it was for but I was going to experience it.Then he pulled me down and I stretched my legs to his shoulders. He started fucking me real hard and he was moaning badly. After a non stop fuck for around 20 minutes, I had an orgasm which released me and gave me a surreal feeling. He continued fucking me and I loved the amount of stamina he had after applying the spray on his penis. It was much higher as compared to my boyfriend. It felt fantastic and the thrill of having sex with a stranger was memorable.

After we were done, I told Harry everything and he did not judge me at all. I invited Harry for my wedding and he smirked. However, we continued to be in touch and I would once in a while sneak and have a crazy sex party with him. I don’t know if having an affair is a good idea but, I love my husband. At the same time, Harry is the man who is able to satisfy me.

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