Orgasmic Sex with my Partner

He lies there plumping my breasts and playing with me. “When will you be ready?” I ask. “Twenty minutes,” he says. I smile and kiss his head. I have just given him head and he shot his cum into my mouth. Now that he is sated he wants to pleasure me or rather play with me. He puts his mouth on my nipple again and I feel his tug on my breasts. His hands keep playing with my titties, like he likes to call them. “When you are abroad we will be having virtual sex on cam right as we need to continue our orgasmic sex?” I ask and he nods.

I groan when he bites me and I wrap my legs around him. My naked pussy pulses when it touches his large cock. “Want to fuck now?” I ask again, whining. He grins a predatory smile and moves down my body. He flips us around with him laying on the bed and my pelvis over his face. His tongue licks me. In an instant, I feel hornier. “Ride my face baby. Give me some honey,” he says and plunges his tongue into my pussy. His hands explore my nether region. He touches my clit and I feel it sizzle. He is pulling at my clit and spearing me with his tongue. “I want to feel your cum on my tongue,” he says again and he licks me harder.

I ride his face taking my pleasure from him. His stubble rubs deliciously against my thighs and parted lips. Then I feel it. The orgasm grips me and I feel the liquids rushing out of my body. He is there every second, pushing me to the edge and then lapping up my juices.

I get off his face and lie down limp on the bed. Quite sated. “Now I am ready to give you my cock,” he murmurs. “Two minutes,” I say as I try to catch my breath. But he laughs and goes at my boobs again. They are sensitive from his mouth and now even more so. He pinches and plucks at the nubs while I try to gain back my sense. Once ready I tell him to give me some cock and he obliges.

His cock enters my pussy without much warning and I whimper. He pulls out and goes right back in. His fat cock is balls deep in my pussy and I ask for more. His mouth gets to work at my neck, biting and kissing me. His hand grips my ass tightly as he fucks me hard. His lips wrap around one hard nipple again and I cry out in pleasure. His cock is pistoning in and out of my pussy driving me closer to the orgasmic sex bliss I know I want from him. I begin crying out his name loudly and he laughs again.

His large, rough thumb finds my clit and he goes at it. He is pinching and prodding the nub as he fucks me. Soon I feel the shivers in my back and then my whole body. “Unhhh! Unnhhh! Unhh,” I start to come and he begins fucking me even faster if it is possible. I bring his head to mine and we look into each other’s eyes as he shivers and unloads in my pussy.

He kisses me on my lips and asks, “Too sore?” I move my head saying now and he places a quick kiss on my nose. “So, when I am abroad we are going to pleasure each other. Phone sex, cam sex I don’t care. As long as I get to see your tits and that addictive pussy I am good,” he says pinching my nipple. I squeal in joy and lunge for him again to continue our orgasmic sex.

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