My sweet sixteen birthday when I lost Virginity

Sixteenth birthday is the most memorable birthday for every girl. It is that year of her life when she steps into adulthood both physically and emotionally. She is ready to explore the world and carve her own destiny. And for me, my latest destiny was Jack. The birthday was a benchmark for me as I lost virginity on this day.

Me and Jack have been a thing since third grade. Initially, our friends and family us to laugh at our plans for being together forever. But, since we progressed working towards being in the same high school together followed by college applications, they started taking us seriously. I knew I loved him for a very long time, but I wanted to be sure of my feelings. Hence, every time he approached me to have sex with him, I would delay it till my sixteenth birthday. And, today is the day, I shall lose my virginity to Jack.

Jack planned the whole evening for me. He started off by picking me up from home in his Limo. His Limo has beautiful starry light ceiling complimented by soft red leather seats. His driver Marlow knew us very well and would give us privacy at every possible moment to get our share of sweet nothings. He arranged for a bottle of Rose Zinfandel with some of my favourite Pringles. We listened to my favourite tracks and enjoyed our 20 minutes drive till we reached the hilltop of Yellow Stone. Jack had arranged for a tent under the starry night, a barbecue with live fire to keep us warm. The car stopped a few meters away and we proceeded to our dreamy evening. We enjoyed a scrumptious meal and drank till we were to happy enough to get with the next step in our relationship.

I was cold so I sneaked into his oversized jumper. We were warm together in this cold weather under the blanket of the sky. He leaned in to kiss me and I could smell the chicken tikka on his breath. We intertwined our tongues, mixing our juices and our warm breaths. His hands moved to hold me closer and gripped my waist. I could feel the warmth of his palms under my crop top. He moved lower to kiss my neck. I could feel shivers down my spine and goosebumps on my skin. He slowly pulled me out of the jumper and made me lay on my back on the cold grass. He removed his t-shirt and pulled out mine. I laid there in my laced lingerie, that I specially bought for this occasion. He started kissing me all over my torso.

He was so horny that I could hear his slow moans as he nibbled on my skin. I was turned on too and I wanted him to see the real me. So, I gently pushed him away and stood stark naked in front of him. My cold perky tits and my freshly shaved midst made him gasp at my bare sight. His eyes and mouth wide open, made me giggle. He smirked and walked towards me, stripping all his clothing, one after the other. He lifted me into a warm hub and placed me on his hard dick in the air. I was wet as a fish and slid in him without any discomfort or hesitation. I almost screamed in pleasure. I knew I had lost virginity and was happy. He pumped me up and down for a while, each throb took my breath away. It was then that I realised how strong Jack was. The movements got faster and our breaths heavier. My tits bouncing across his face and him trying to grab a nibble at them was a delightful sight. We reached a stage where I leaned back to gaze at the starry sky and the lights blurred in my vision. We experienced our first cosmic cum together.

He put me down and bent down, holding his knees to catch some air. We looked at each other, holding hands and without speaking promised to be together forever. Today, I am 35 years old and Jack is the father of my 3 children in our happy marriage yet the memories of how I lost virginity on my sixteenth birthday brings smiles on my face.

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