Hooking up with my second cousin on his birthday

This was a really embarrassing experience of hooking up with my second cousin. We were so drunk that night.  Usually she and I were on very diplomatic terms. We would hardly see each other and when we did, it was just a casual hello.

That day we were at a common Christmas Party. Drinks were flowing freely. There were too many people crammed into the house and no one was bothered what was happening. I met her on the corridor to the bathroom. The corridor was pretty narrow and we brushed against each other. She went in and I waited for my turn.

I went in when the door opened and saw that she was still washing her hands. That moment the door closed and we got locked in somehow. I don’t quite remember how it happened. I was pretty high and so was she. We tried opening the door and calling for help. But music was loud and too many drunk people were around. It could have been one of the kids running around that pushed the door closed.

We could just wait till someone came to our rescue. Thirty minutes passed and nothing. I was getting restless. She was sitting and just watching me. When she tried to stop my moving around I just grabbed her face and planted a kiss on her lips. It was hard and rough. First she pushed me back and glared at me. I gave her a smile. Then I grabbed her again and kissed her hard. It involved a lot of tongue and biting. First she resisted a bit, but the minute I cupped her ass and ground into her, she stopped fighting. She kissed me back. This was the spark for hooking up with my second cousin which happened all of a sudden.

We stopped for a few minutes and I laughed. She laughed as well. But then she pulled me back to her lips and groped me through my pants. I couldn’t resist but pinch her nipple as she rubbed me. She squeaked and jumped back. I pulled her back. “Want your cousin to nibble on your tits?” I asked her and she moaned as she took in my dirty words. I did just that and whipped her top off and dove in.

I bit and suckled on both her nipples as her hand tugged at my hair. I lifted her up on the vanity counter and she unbuckled me. My dick was hard and ready for her. She tugged and rubbed it. I dry humped her hands as I twirled my fingers around her nipples. I spread her legs apart and removed her panties.

I entered her pussy with my fingers as I bit her lips. She squirmed. It was rough I realise that now. But after a few strokes I could feel her getting wet. Knowing she was ready. I just plunged by dick inside her. I was seeking pleasure and just went for it. NO foreplay was involved and I didn’t get her off first. I was so focused on cumming.

I moved inside her body hard and pulled out as I came. Then just as I was buckling up, one of the children opened the door. Thank goodness no adult saw us that way. I just went out leaving her there. To this day I cannot look her in the eye and she doesn’t acknowledge me at all. We just avoid each other the best we can yet the memories of hooking up with my second cousin was a different kind of experience for me.

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