Lesbian Romance in Strip Club During My Trip

I am a solo traveller. I have been around the world to about 21 countries so far. Each country has gifted me with the best of memories that I can cherish the rest of my life. But if you were to ask me about my favourite place, it would be Thailand. One extraordinary reason is the lesbian romance in strip club I experienced during my tour.

On my trip to Thailand, I visited the city of Phuket. Just like Pataya, Phuket is also known for its Patong Beach Street that serves sex on a platter. Be it cabaret, ping pong balls with vagina or just the traditional strip tease, this place has it all. I went to one such Strip Tease. The lady on the stage was called Natty and man, she looked like an angel. It was like every part of her body was crafted for the hands of god himself. Beautiful brunette with waist long hair and complimenting grey eyes. Her body was like an hourglass art piece with a skin that mirrored the bright lights of the studio. She performed brilliantly, showing off her moves, sinful expressions and pink porn star tits. I couldn’t help but compliment her with my handsome tip. She leaned in to pick the cash up from me and whispered in my ears, “Thank you but I have something special for you”. I wondered what that could be, so I sat sipping my drink at the bar, waiting for her.

Goddess Natty, walked up to me. She lifted my hand and gave me a peck on my palm, she said, “I am ready when you are”. I followed her sheepishly into her pink neon lit room. She made me comfortable on her waterbed, played a beautiful saxophone solo on the speaker and started stripping. She moved gently towards me, like a predator about to hunt, and started undressing me. I laid on her cold waterbed, surrendering my being to the goddess. She leaned in to kiss my neck. I could smell her wild lily fragrance and feel her perkies on mine.

She went down and held my tits together, sucking them with her wide mouth. I moaned. I gripped her curvy butt and gave it a little squeeze. She went lower, now licking my navel followed by soft blows of cold air from her mouth. I had goose bumps on my body. She traced them with her fingers, making smiley faces. I looked down at her and gave her a broad smile. Slowly, she reached out for my pants, pulled them down along with my panty. I knew what I was getting into, so I spread. She gave me a knowing smile and went down on me. Her cold tongue, licking and twirling around my clit. Her soft fingers tracing my perineum, my butthole and my vagina.

She was so good at it that even when she pulled my clit with her teeth, I felt pleasured and not discomfort. As I was trying to focus, my eyes felt on the dildo handing behind the door. So, I gently pulled her away and walked towards the dildo, suggesting her to use it. I strapped it around my waist and walked towards her. I turned her around and held her boobs in one hand and tickled her clit with the other. She knew the drill, so she went ahead and pushed her butt out in a doggy position. I walked in to fill her up with my plastic dick. We moaned as if there was no tomorrow. She came with the throbs of the plastic dick and me with the sounds of the saxophone in the air.

She gave me her personal number and we travelled the city together during my stay in Thailand. I still cherish the beautiful lady and the experience of lesbian romance in strip club with her.

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