The city that never slept and my sensual experience

I was going to India for a meeting with vendors. It was in an important business center and had some of my Indian colleagues visiting too. The meeting was done for the day and we had the evening to ourselves. We were sitting at the hotel bar and one of my colleagues asked me if I wanted a fun experience. I was up for it. Little did I know that it would turn up into a sensual experience. He arranged everything and at 7 pm, there was a knock on my room door.

She was tall, leggy and had gorgeous brown skin. A low-cut dress exposed some of her assets and after staring at her for a while, I let her in. We talked a little and soon we started making out. I was slightly drunk and had lost my inhibitions about everything. I touch and feel up her breasts – they are firm and round. She is very into it, kissing me, tonguing and licking my mouth. I touch her body and my hands rove to her crotch. There I feel something else.

I feel a dick, I know it is a dick and it is unexpected. I stop and look at her, she smiles and grabs her own cock, pressing it. I lick my lips and think it over a minute. But then I want it and I am attracted enough so I start kissing again. I fondle her breasts again and pull down the straps of her dress. Her large round boobs come into view. I stop kissing and take in the view. I grab both with my hands and start pressing them, like they are stress balls. As I do that, I feel her hands roving over my belly and then she opens my pants. She releases my cock and it springs to life.

I slap her breasts, letting my wild side out as one of my best sensual experience. She doesn’t shout in pain and lets me have my way. She too holds my cock and starts rubbing it. She pulls on it, rubbing and giving me the desired friction. I leave her boobs and stretch back on the couch. She takes the hint, pulling down my pants and kneeling in front of me. Her mouth is large and she takes my whole cock inside. I am pretty sure she is deep throating me but I don’t think much of it in the face of pleasure. She groans and I can feel those vibrations on my cock. She rubs my cock between the palms of her hand. They are a little rough and the friction feels nice. She sucks and bobs her head, giving me pleasure. Her hands massage my balls too while she sucks. I start moving my pelvis in reaction to her ministrations.

She stops and pulls up her dress, she is wearing no underwear. She straddles me and her cock rubs against mine. This shemale has a long cock, but it is slim. I get rough with her again and grab her cock. I press and pinch it, rubbing it roughly, touching the cockhead. She moans and throws her head back, moving, rubbing against me. I am thinking of the ways I will fuck her, when she pulls out a bottle from her tiny bag. And I am relieved.

She stands and bends over the couch showing me her asshole. I take the bottle and squeeze the gel in her ass. I also apply the gel to my cock and rub it nicely. I rub the entrance with my cock and try to penetrate. I am not able to get in quickly and it takes some time. But when I do, I feel immense pleasure. The tight asshole is new to me, I have never done it. I pull back and push in again. Every time I do that, my foreskin gets pushed back. The pleasure is more than what I am used to. I start thrusting fast and she is moaning as if she enjoys it. I think about that as I fuck her and grab hold of her cock. I rub it as I am thrusting in and out. I press and massage the thin cock and soon the act gets to me. She cums in my hands and I cum in her asshole. The anus is massaging and milking my cock, pulling more semen from it.

I am satiated for the night and I fall on the couch spent. I watch as she dresses up, pulls some money from my wallet and leaves. It was a crazy sensual experience but I kind of enjoyed it.

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