The unforgettable anal sex with my gay date

I am Clark. I had been frequenting the new dating apps for gay people these days. Ever since my break up with my last boyfriend, I had been sex-starved for almost three months. At this point I was getting desperate and even ready for hooking up. I was swiping right on every guy. That is when I matched with Kenneth. He was a muscular blond with a mischievous smile and very groomed. I went through his bio and felt a pang of disappointment because he mentioned he was here just for a fling. Soon after, he texted me. Our conversations took off really well and we were having a great time. Within a week, we planned the first meet up. It was at his house. I was already excited anticipating what was going to happen when we meet. I had never hooked up before. It has always been proper dates. I was nervous but surprisingly I experienced one of the best sex with my gay date.

That day came and I was finally at his doorstep. Kenneth lived alone in his condo. He welcomed me inside and we sat on the couch.

“Hey Kenneth- so have you met someone so abruptly before?” I had asked nervously.

He threw back his head and laughed,” Abrupt meet-ups are normal for me. I don’t date.”

“Why so?” I knew my voice was betraying my disappointment and he realized that too. Kenneth grinned wickedly and winked at me while moving in closer, “Didn’t find someone as worthy. Maybe you can change that.” He reached out to wrap his hand behind my head and drew me closer to kiss. His words and gesture together were electrifying. I could hardly breathe. He broke the kiss and looked in my eyes with his face within inches from mine. I moved forward and kissed him this time. I could feel the hard abs under my hand which were travelling all over his body.

Slowly I moved to his dick and pressed the hard-on. I fumbled to unzip his trouser and he smiled. He quickly removed the pants and his dick sprang out. I kneeled before him without question and sucked his dick. It was almost 8 inches and very thick. I loved how his skin felt in my mouth. I kept sucking hard and he moaned loudly. It felt amazing during sex with my gay date. He pulled me up and then pushed me on the divan. I was already very hard. He started giving me a blowjob now. It was the best thing I felt in the past few months. He was really good at this. While he sucked my dick, he started fingering my asshole.

He had something slippery on his fingers and he was slithering that up my ass. It was tingling a bit. He was sucking my nipples and kissing all over my chest and stomach. Then he asked me to turn over and get on my all fours. I never had anal sex before and was actually excited about it. I quickly did that and he positioned himself between my thighs. He pushed the dick hard inside and did not wait to let me adjust to the girth.

He was going really hard. Initially it felt painful and tight. But soon it was the best feeling I could think of. The blowjob did not even feel as good compared to this new sensation. He was grabbing my shoulder and banging hard. This went on for almost 20 minutes and then he orgasmed. I never thought the feeling could be so satisfying. He climbed off me and then and sat down on the couch. I turned to him and kissed his lips. Next, I whispered, “Your turn now.”

He was smiling and looked eager. He turned over and now I had positioned my dick in between his butt-cheeks. I thrusted lightly and the tip of my dick entered his ass. I had already lubricated his ass and my dick slid in easily. Now I was moving in and out and slowly picked up pace. He was moaning really loudly. I slapped his ass hard while I banged harder. Soon I felt a tension building up around my crotch. I was going to orgasm soon and went on even faster.

I orgasmed hard and felt the warmth of the juices around the dick. I slumped hard on his back and we laid still for a while on top of each other. The bodies were warm and rubbing and the juices were making things messier.

Kenneth was tilting his head backwards and looking at me. I kissed his cheek and quickly got off him. He turned over and watched me getting my clothes and dressing up. He didn’t bother to dress up himself. When I was entirely done, he came over to me and then embraced me to kiss again. Our kiss was getting heated up. He whispered, “Time for round two?”

I didn’t expect this from him given how aloof he had been initially but sex with my gay date was mind blowing. I started kissing him back and soon our shirts were on the floor again. That night we went on and on for several times. In the morning, I woke up to find him cuddling me and sleeping peacefully. I had to go but I didn’t want to wake him up either. I left a note with my phone number and mentioning how it was the best night I ever had. As I walked out of his house, I was smiling to myself knowing that it was not going to be a one-night thing. Today, we are together for almost 3 years and happily so.

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