I got fucked by my maid of Honour

I am Nicole- 35 years old and married for almost five years now. This is an account of an incident that almost broke my marriage before it happened. Luckily, my husband heeded to technicalities and loved me enough to let the incident pass. Though we both laughed it off today, I would not deny, that was one of the best moments on my life besides my actual marriage. We have all heard of brides and best man or the maid of honour and the groom. Even maid of honour and best man are often a likely tale. But this is the story of how I got fucked by my maid of honour and best friend.

Rosie has been my best friend since we were in kindergarten. So, when I decided to get married, there was no second thought about who would be my maid of honour. Rosie had obliged too without a doubt. From shopping to planning the entire wedding, we did everything together. Rosie had a charismatic presence. It made things so much easier. Occasionally if got a cold-feet about the marriage, she made sure to boost my confidence and remind me of all the reasons I had to decide on marriage in the first place.

However, she was a lesbian. It was one of the reasons why many friends stopped hanging out with her in our overly catholic society. But not me. I was a bisexual too though I was not as open about it as Rosie. But I understood what she may go through because of her sexuality and it never bothered me. Moreover, she had a Lesbian Cams account on Jerkmate and many knew about it hence they judged her more for being so open about her body.

As the wedding day drew near, we practically spent all day together. On the big day after I had finally got into my dress and decked up, I was seating alone in the dressing room. I was getting cold feet again for an utterly nonsensical reason. I wondered if I was really ready to let go of flings and stay committed to one guy for the rest of my life. It was ridiculous given I never even had a fling before. Rosie came looking for me to take me to escort me outside. As soon as she entered the room and assessed my blank expression, she knew I was having a breakdown once more.

She hugged me tightly and sat beside me while I rested on her shoulders. Once I looked up at her and expressed my feelings, she almost giggled. She said, “You know, you still can have one fling before you head to the altar.”

I looked at her angrily, thinking she was teasing me. She explained, “Well right now you look ravishing and I am wishing you were a lesbian or at least in to me. Why not have a taste of affair with me now? Your husband can’t really get mad at you for making out with a woman.” I didn’t feel bad to stop her from saying and may be that is why I got fucked by my maid of honour on the wedding day.

I exclaimed, “Rosie that’s different! But this is my wedding day.”

Rosie seemed to be oblivious to my incredulity and moved forward to plant a peck on my lips. I felt a jolt in my stomach and looked at her shocked. But I did not protest. Taking the cue, she once more kissed me on my lips, this time it lasted longer and she sucked a bit on my lower lip. Once she stopped, I moved forward immediately and threw my arms around her neck and kissed her passionately. We kissed for a few minutes till we felt breathless. I quickly pulled out her boobs over her strapless dress. Rosie had the most perfect globes for boobs and her nipples were pink. I had never seen someone with such beautiful boobs apart from pornstars on TV. I sucked the nipples and they got hard instantly. She looked at me and smiled encouragingly. I kept sucking her nipples and squeezed her tits.

She bent forward to kiss my neck and licked the entire length of it. I was wearing a strapless ballgown. She went down on her knees and went inside the gown. I felt my pantyhose slip down and she started finger-fucking my vagina. I leaned against the wall for support and a small moan escaped my lips. She kept finger fucking my vagina though and soon she was licking me. I felt her wet tongue slid up and down my vagina without a pause.

In fifteen minutes, I was climaxing violently and squirted. I was sure my pantyhose and inside the gown was wet the way I got fucked by my maid of honour. Once I had climaxed, she crawled out and smiled and looked at me. Rosie stood up and I kissed her on the lips tenderly. Then I made her sit on the divan in that room. Once she was settled, I lifted her dress and kissed her vagina from over the panties. As I slowly slid it down, I squeezed her boobs with my free hand. Then I started licking her. I fingered her first by inserting one finger. Soon I had slid in three of them.

Rosie was moaning and thrashing on the divan. It did not take too long to make her orgasm and in a few minutes, she was panting and gasping for breath. Once we both were done, I actually felt a lot freer. Little did I know, my would-be-husband has saw much of it from the tinted glass paned doors and that was going to be a mayhem soon.

But we were both happy with the lesbian sex. We straightened our gowns and fixed our makeup and hair. Once I was ready, we moved out of the room giggling and acting like school kids. I had to admit it was a liberating experience that I got fucked by my maid of honour and I never had such an orgasm again. But I made sure never to mention that to my husband even today though he is quite suspicious about it.

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