Affair with my old aged boss due to lack of job – Sex Confession-9

I am dating my boss. I love him a lot. It’s an unconventional relationship; I am having an affair with my old aged boss. He is 69 and I am 20. A couple of years ago, I joined a fintech company. For a fresher,who majored in arts, I was finding it difficult to find a job in my field. A friend recommended me to take an internship at this company. I walked in, to meet Francis, the managing partner of the company and my to be boss.

Francis was an old man with a tough personality. He reminded me of my grandfather. Gentle at heart and tough to look at. He had a big smile on his face when he saw me entering the door for the interview. He said, “Hello darling, you look gorgeous. Have you lost your way”? To which I responded that I was there for an interview. He didn’t ask me any questions at all and yet hired me. He would often call me in his cabin to take notes. He would categorically ask me to sit on his desk when I wore short skirts while he sat right beside me on the chair, touching my thighs while narrating the letters. I liked it. I would get turned on with every finger run.

One day, when Francis was deep in a thought, his hands stationed on my thigh. I held his hand and started rubbing it on. He looked at me in surprise and smiled. I continued holding his hand and rubbing it my thighs, now under my skirt. He ventured in and touched me between my legs. I moaned. Keeping the writing pad aside, I made myself comfortable on the desk. I spread my legs welcome him and to have sex with my old aged boss. He walked towards the door to lock it from inside. Then, he started losing his tie and belt. He ordered me to remove my shirt and squeeze my boobs.

He is my boss, so I followed his orders. He unzipped his pants and walked out of them, holding his long hard dick. I was surprised to see this treasure in his hands, especially at this age. Then, he ordered me to raise my skirt and touch myself. He stood there, watching me, shagging himself, getting harder. He took one deep breath and plugged me in. He put his hands on my tits to control my body and match his rhythm. He grabbed my boobs tighter and pulled my body towards him. It hurt a bit, but I was wet like a fish. He bent his neck to take a suck at my tit, one at a time.

Then, he grabbed them both in his palms and opened his mouth wide, to take them both in. I loved it, so I raised my legs on his shoulder, to show my appreciation. He was like a rock, filling my we cunt. He smiled and held me by my waist, staring into my eyes. He fucked me hard without a blink. He was getting faster and I knew it then that he was about to fill me up, so I pulled him out.

I went down on my knees and started sucking him, rigorously. I even tickled his balls till he filled my mouth and I took a gulp of his sweet juices. I wiped my mouth and licked my fingers while getting up. When I got up, his face was red like a tomato, he was embarrassed. So, I kissed his cheek and whispered, “Until next time, bossy”. It’s been 2 years to this story, and I can’t get happier to acknowledge that I have an affair with my old aged boss. Today, I too work in the management team of the company.

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