Attraction and Sex with my personal trainer

I had the hots for my fitness instructor, technically my teacher. I was always attracted to his physique and sooner I was going to get a chance to explore him and have sex with my personal trainer. But he was close to my age and I was taking personal training from him. That day had started out normally. I had dressed in a sports bra and shorts and we had gone out for a run. I was tired and had stopped for a few minutes to catch my breath.

We took that time to chat and laugh a bit. Then suddenly he grabbed my face and kissed my mouth. I resisted at first but his persistent mouth succeeded and I kissed him back. My hands moved through his hair and I heard him groan at the contact. He pushed up my sports bra exposing my breasts and nipples. He palms them roughly, bending down to bite one of the nipples. Then he goes down on me.

My shorts were ripped by him and he sucked on my breasts till I was wild for him. He went down and parted my legs as I stood in front of him. He parted my folds and blew on my clit and then licked a path there. He licked, sucked and bit on my clit as I squirmed in front of his face. Then he roughly pushed me around and again put his face in between my legs. He licked my pussy from behind sometimes alternating to licking my asshole. It was so erotic and dirty that I was leaking like a tap.

He licked all my juices and then got up to kiss me. I could taste my arousal on his mouth and I wrapped one leg around his waist. He used my nearness to grind his cock into me. I stopped to take deep breaths and I could see the desire in his eyes. He took my hand and we went back to the house. He didn’t even wait to get inside. Instead, he pushed me onto the pool chair and exposed his thick large cock. It pointed angrily towards me and I took him into my warm hands.

I blew on the tip and the cock twitched like we were talking in some secret language. I kissed the tip and then sucked on the head a bit. I stroked his dick as I sucked the angry head. He held my head and tried to thrust into my mouth. I let him do it and I could feel the tip going to the edge of my throat. I groaned and let him feel the vibrations of the sound. He groaned as well and left my mouth.

“Up and on your fours,” he shouted. I did as he asked and he smacked my ass. “Condom,” I asked and he grinned. “Taking you bare. I have wanted you for long and if I put a baby in you that’s even better.” With that, he plunged into wetness and began stroking me with his stiff rod. I let out a mewl and pushed my ass back for him. “Greedy little minx you are,” he said before stroking my asshole with a wet finger.

His strokes in my pussy become harder and faster and I can feel pleasure coursing through my body. He had one of those curved cocks that stroked the g-spot every time it moved in my body. Soon he was rubbing it hard and I couldn’t control myself. I came hard. I screamed and shook as he still pounded into me. I squirted and sprayed him with my arousal. He laughed and smacked my ass.

When it was done and I was panting, trying to catch my breath, he asked, “Want to fuck your teacher again?” and we both laughed getting ready for round two. I was so happy to have him in my life and he is soo good in fucking, I liked having sex with my personal trainer.

Fitness instructor…fuck on the running path

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