Slutty affair with my Boss’s Son Led to Sex in the Office

Adrian had come into the office that day and I was in my cabin working as usual. He was my boss’s son and very good looking. He had been giving me the eyes lately and I wasn’t immune to his charms. One day he sidled up to me and asked to fuck me in the office. I denied saying that it was unprofessional. “At least let me please you?” he asked and I couldn’t say no. Though I was attracted to him, I wasn’t sure that I will be having a slutty affair with my Boss’s Son one day.

I stood before him, my skirt bunched up around my waist. He kneeled behind me and parted my folds to kiss me there. He kissed and sucked and tongued my pussy hard. His actions were giving me such pleasure but then I was shocked when I heard my boss’s voice. He was coming to my desk. Adrian went to hide under my desk and I pushed my chair there. Boss asked me questions on a few reports while Adrian was hiding under my desk. Bad boy that he was, he pushed my skirt up and started licking my clit right then, hidden under my desk.

I could hardly control my moans and I nodded. The boss left and I relaxed more in my chair as Adrian licked my clit with his tongue and nibbled on it. He was going to town with licking and kissing my clit. Then he added a finger to my pussy and I almost came off my chair. I held his head closer trying to ride his face. Pleasure bloomed through me as he rubbed my g-spot and I came hard on his face. I had to muffle my screams with my hand.

In the afternoon, the boss left early, leaving Adrian in charge. It was after 5 in the evening and most of the staff was leaving. Adrian called me into his cabin and asked to lock the door. “I couldn’t get the smell of your pussy out of my head. I want more,” He told me. I gulped and started walking back. He stalked towards me and pulled me close. He kissed me hard and rough, pushing his tongue inside. “Show me those gorgeous globes on your chest,” he murmured dirtily. I hesitated so he turned me around and then just tore open the front of my shirt.

His hard cock was poking my ass and I couldn’t help but grind my ass onto him. He was playing with my breasts and pinching my nipples as I ground desperately into him. Then he just tore off my bra like a caveman and squeezed the balls that fell into his hands. I groaned in pleasure as he turned me around and suckled my tits. His hard cock was already trying to get to me so I unbuckled him and set it free. He was poking my lady bits with his cock as he took his fill of my boobs.

He touched my pussy and noted that I was still sticky from my earlier orgasm. So he just pushed his naked cock inside me. I moaned at the intrusion and dug my nails into his back. I thrashed and bucked as he slowly…very slowly pulled back out and pushed in again. Then his pace increased as he kissed me and bit my nipples again and again. He was fucking me harder and rutting over me like a mad man. He slapped my ass and even fingered my asshole saying “That ass will be mine soon.”

He then pinched my clit and my dam burst. I came like never before and I squirted all over him. He laughed loudly and then his body shook as he moaned, shooting his cum into my body. That was my hottest experience of office sex and I get it almost daily now. You see, I married him which started as a slutty affair with my Boss’s Son.

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