Sweet Lesbian Romance and Sex with my Roomie-Sex Confession-8

Hi, I am Nina(name changed), 25 years old. I stay in a rented flat, in share with another woman. Her name is Amanda. Gorgeous, ambitious, confident. She amazes me sometimes with her ability to handle every single thing. We have a pretty good friendship. We comfort each other in problems. I didn’t knew we would become so comfortable with each other that we would end up falling for each other as lovers that led to our first time sweet lesbian romance and sex that grew further as a bonding.

A few days ago, she came home at around 6:30 pm. It was a Friday evening. I was sipping coffee in the balcony, finishing the last few pages of Emma. Usually she comes to join me with her cup of coffee which I keep ready before she comes. But that evening she didn’t. After waiting for few minutes I went to her bedroom. I found her lying on the bed, sobbing in the same dress she wore to the office. I sat beside her on the bed to see what she was up to. She was still crying. I remained quiet. Around 25 minutes later, she got up, wiped tears with her hands. And before I could even ask what happened, she grabbed my hair and started kissing.

I couldn’t understand what to do in this situation. I mean yeah, I always pictured this in my mind. But couldn’t believe this was actually happening. She was holding my face with her hands and eyes closed. I was holding her waist, where her silk cotton shirt tucked in black tight skirt. I gently bite her lower lip, she trembles a little. We kissed for like two minutes. Suddenly she stops and shifts away. She silently says, “I can’t do this to you as you are the one person I care about the most.” and she goes to the bathroom and locks the door. I understood she needs a little alone time. So to recover myself from the shock, I came out from her bedroom, sat on the rocking chair in the balcony, lit a cigarette, and start thinking, what just happened. She’s a complex creature and that’s what makes her so irresistible.

We didn’t talk after that. It was bothering me so much not talking to her. I so wanted those lips again. The feeling and the need of sweet lesbian romance and sex was growing like a fire inside me. So later that night, I went to her bedroom again to check on her. I barged into her room. She was watching something on Netflix, in a see-through grey coloured shirt and a black panty. I can see her wearing a black lacy-bra. Woah! She looked hot. I go to her and move the laptop aside, and scream, “Listen if you think you’re hurting someone, it’s not me! You’re doing this to yourself! Only thing you’re doing to me is making my dream come true.”, and give a kiss on her lip. She looks calm.

Our eyes meet, sparks exchanged. She holds my waist, tightly, with both her hands. I run my fingers through her hair to reach the back of her head. We start kissing each other like we craved for this, for so long. Our tongues fight with each other to make a way into each other’s mouth. My right hand slide down to her boobs. I gave a gentle pinch on her left nipple. She moans a little. My lips immediately go for her earlobe. I started with a gentle kiss, then lick around it. She trembles with pleasure. Meanwhile, I unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked the bra and paused for a moment. Her tits look so much bigger when naked, and so beautiful.

Those pink nipples I can never forget. She looks at me and smiles, lift my tee up making my upper body completely naked. Her hands roam around through my body, touching my collarbone, cleavage. She round her fingers around my left nipple and I got shiver in my whole body. I hold her throat, gently push her to the bed and get on top of her. Holding her throat still, I come down for her boobs. I suck the nipples, and keep rubbing my tongue from one side to another. She moans, “Ah! Nina you are killing me!”. I go for her inner thigh and squeeze a little, then rub her pussy with my index finger, over her panty.

I slide down her panty, take my mouth near her pussy and start flickering her clit with my tongue. The warm fluid oozing from her vagina, the erotic smell everything turned me on. Her vagina was cleanly shaved, welcoming me to lick her vigorously. I open the cervix and get my tongue to her pussy to suck in the last drops. I then slowly insert my middle finger into her vagina. I keep fingering and she moans out loud saying my name, stretching out her legs with my left hand, tip of my tongue aims for her clit again, I flicker it and use my index finger too, to finger her. After doing this for a while, suddenly I saw her body making an arc and a warm, thicker fluid touches my fingers.

We talked a lot that night. She told me she was crying because her boyfriend broke up with her. And I said only one thing, “Your boyfriend sucks!”. She laughed. I cannot forget that night, ever. My first night with my roommate as lovers, and we enjoyed a sweet lesbian romance and sex. We fell asleep cuddling each other whole night. And yeah since then we are together. 🙂

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