My Fantasy of reading dating stories found me my Love

Since 16, I have been a fan of mills and boons. The idea of romantic dating stories followed by tantalising sex, would always make me wet. When I lost my virginity, my experience was almost adhering to my fantasy with just a little tweak. I was high, and I boned a geek who couldn’t get it up. While he was attempting, he injured me not just between my legs but also with some bruises all over my body, which I realised the morning after. Since then, I have been scared to get intimate.

Today, it’s my 23rd birthday and with however glamoured my lifestyle as a fashion photographer is, I have not had sex again. My closest friends feel that I have a psychological problem and that only a man with uber hot body, amazing skills in bed and stinking rich can help me get over it. I agree.

That night on the 25th floor of the Ritz, I met him.

David, an entrepreneur who manufactured customised lingerie can scan your body and give you the exact measurements, gift wrapped. We met at the bar when I misspelled my cosmopolitan as ‘poscocolitan’ and argued with the bartender. He laughed his heart out standing next to me and I loathed him. I was hammered. I couldn’t spot my friends and tripped in the balcony. David emerged from nowhere and lifted me up. He dropped me home that night. I woke up to hear all the stories that my siblings made up about that ‘hot rich guy who sold panties’. I wondered who this guy was and why was he so nice to me. I wished if I had his number to thank him for all he had done.

It was mid-afternoon when my phone beeped with a message. He says, “He drunkard, sending you something to see you in tonight- David”. I was shocked, and I wondered what I did this time. I received the parcel at work and obviously, it was the perfect pair of lingerie that I have been eyeing for over 3 months but couldn’t afford. I thought, what a nice guy, who didn’t take an advantage of a drunk girl and dropped her home safely. He deserves to be met again.

I reached his villa. He was a beautiful tall Australian man. His hair was like fire and his skin like cream cheese. He wore khakis and a banyan that showed off his ripped arms. He gave me a broad smile and hugged me as if he knew me for ages. There was something very soothing about him. He kissed me gently on my cheeks and I smiled awkwardly. He took a close look at my face and he knew that very moment that I didn’t remember anything. He looked down at my feet and said, “ok then, let’s start over”. He got me a drink and we spoke on innumerable topics till wee hours. When I am sitting on his sofa, all cuddled up against a fur pillow, he noticed my bra strap, the one that he gifted. He bent over and said, “Wow, you wore my gift, can I see if it fits well?” I said yes.

He gently pulled my dress off my shoulders. He leaned in to kiss his way through my warmth. It was like one of those dating stories I read in my childhood. He pulled down the panties he gifted with his teeth. Now, my one leg was his sofa’s back support and one on his shoulder. He licked me like he was thirsty for me. He slowly put his finger in my vagina and pumped it like never before. I wanted him to do so much more. So, I asked for it, quite loudly. But he made me cum anyways. Later, I asked him why he didn’t do it and he said, “I want to know you better, let’s take it slow”.

I knew it, at that very moment, he was the one. My fantasy dating stories ended up with me finding the love of my life.

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