I fucked the teacher to improve my grades

I was in the first year college, hardly 19 years old. My life was pretty average and revolved around the university and home. I was aloof from the recreations the students my age were familiar with. During the end of the year, just before my exams, I came across a group of students from a different branch at my university. That was the turning point of my life. I was no longer identified as a nerdy loser since I was hanging out with the cool folks. I stayed out late, partying, drinking and doing other drugs. My only regret being, I was the only virgin in the group. That was going to change because I fucked the teacher who helped me to get good grades.

I let the boys touch me in places I have dreamt about. But nobody was worth fucking. Anyway, coming to my academics, my lifestyle has had a drastic effect on my grades. My parents were going to be really disappointed if they came across my report card. They have been extra conscious about my academics, probably the only thing they ever cared about. I spoke to Hannah who was the class topper and she smirked and asked me to take detention classes from Mr. Brown, our Economics professor.

I obeyed her and started staying back after college while Mr. Brown helped me with the subject and assignments. Initially, I wasn’t too comfortable with the way he gazed at me especially when I was wearing my deep neck t-shirt. My cleavage was certainly distractive and barely covered my big tits. With time, I started to like the way he looked at me. A man in his forties was certainly more attractive than the other boys at the university. He used to drop his pen on purpose for me to bend down to pick it up.

One fine afternoon, I was brooding over my sums while he was explaining the laws to me. Suddenly, I could feel his hands slipping against my thighs. Wearing a mini skirt was worth it, I thought. He slid his fingers under the skirt and reached for my underwear. He slowly started caressing my pussy while I kissed him. Our tongues entangled and soon I reached for his crotch and started to rub it. I could not wait to take it in my mouth. He ripped off my shirt and started to kiss my tits. I moaned a bit. No man has ever made me feel this way.

He unhooked my bra at once and groped my big tits. I ran my fingers through his hair and grabbed it when he started to kiss my nipples. He sucked on them and rubbed my clit. I didn’t want him to stop. It felt so good. He pressed my boobs as hard as he could and I knew that he needed me bad. I knew this was the moment I should negotiate. I took a step back and blurted out, ‘Are you going to increase me grades, sir?’ He smiled and pulled me towards him. I bent down and unzipped his trousers. Then I did not stop and fucked the teacher to get the marks.

I grabbed his big cock and started licking the tip of it. I looked at him while he pushed it into my mouth. I was slowly sucking on it. I took the entire length until I choked on it. He gripped my hair and shoved it hard into my mouth. I spit on it before gagging. I used my tongue well and sucked on it for several minutes. I might have been tired, but I could not stop. He did not let me. It was hard and I wanted it inside me.

He lifted me up and made me bend over the table. He lifted my skirt up and started to spank me. I was enjoying it, I’ll admit. He kept spanking my ass until I begged him to fuck me. He removed my underwear and used his tongue to make me moan. I was wet enough already. He put a finger in my pussy and licked my clit. Soon, the three fingers he inserted in me moved vigorously along with his tongue. I wanted his cock to throb inside me. He made me crave for his dick.

He pulled his fingers out and shoved his cock inside. I moaned in pleasing pain. I was so hot for him. He initiated with slow broad strokes and soon increased his pace. The cock explored my wet pussy made the fluid drip from it. He pulled it out, fingered me and made me lick his fingers before he put the dick inside again, this time with more intensity. I could feel the cock hitting my spot and I moaned hard. ‘Make me cum, sir’, I uttered. He pulled my hair from behind and fucked me the way I wanted to be fucked. The number and pace of the strokes increased and I could not hold it in anymore. I came on my professor’s cock.

Soon after, he pulled out and came on my ass. This is how my teacher fucked me and I did not have to worry about my grades anymore as I gave my best performance.

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