Holey brought about the perfect romantic cure to my depression

I am Henry- an established businessman in Chicago. Crossing over to the wrong side of forty, my life so far has been all about my career. Needless to say, I never got the time to start a family or get romantically involved. To anyone witnessing my rise through the world of entrepreneur, my life looks like heaven. Oh! The number of times I get told how lucky I am! Only I know what really goes through my life. At this stage of life, I am slowly realising all these money means nothing when I do not have anyone to share all this with. At the same time, maybe I needed a romantic cure to my boring schedule and hectic work.

I was thinking all this on the flight to London. You may think a trip to London must be thrilling, but it was really a dry business trip. There was a meeting to seal the deal and I will be returning on the first flight right after that happens. As I thought all these, I reached the airport and got on the cab to my hotel. Once I reached there, I confirmed my schedule for the day and freshened up.

The day went on without any ups and down and ended rather dully. The deal was not sealed yet and the investor would be out of town for the next two days. This means, I will be stuck in this city without any work to do for the next two days. Of course, I could have gone out and explored the city but I am not much of an explorer. But the next day was almost intolerable within the first hour when I had nothing to do but sit alone in my hotel. I browsed mindlessly on my phone and decided to watch some porn.

That’s when I came across the website for mature London Escorts. I do not know what happened but in the next few minutes, I have booked for a girl called Holey. She was going to come in the evening. I spent the rest of the day procrastinating nervously what I did. I have never hired someone before. I felt it would be a disaster and at the same time, I was extremely curious about what to expect. I have been with many women before but never hired someone. But lately, I guess my changing body and receding hairline are to blame but I could no longer find partners easily.

Finally it was six in the evening- she would be here any minute. In another ten minutes, I heard a knock on the door. I rushed to answer it. There stood a slightly plump woman probably in her mid-thirties. Her face had a baby-ish charm. But at the same time, her body was curvy and her eyes rather naughty. She smiled but said nothing as she walked in. She was wearing a black bandage dress which had pushed up her cleavage.

Her boobs were jiggling slightly as she walked on her stilettoes. She walked in straight and sat down on the edge of the bed and crossed her leg, exposing almost up to her butt. I gaped at her while she smiled and asked me if I would stand at the door or have some other plans. I walked to her like in a trance and then kneeled before her and kissed her thighs. She opened her legs apart and I squeezed her milky-white thighs.

Then I stood up and kissed her lips while pushing her backwards and making her lie down. In seconds, she was holding me lovingly and then wrapping her legs around my waist. I was getting wild already forgetting I have met her for just a few minutes and she was the perfect romantic cure for me now. Then I turned her around and unzipped the dress in one swift movement. She had no underwear and was lying naked on the bed the next minute.

I climbed on her and started taking off my shirt and my trousers. My boner sprang out and her eyes widened. She quickly crawled up and grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth in seconds. I moaned out slightly as she sucked and started deep-throating me. After a few minutes, I could not hold back anymore and made her turn around. She was on all fours and I positioned my dick from behind her.

I pushed hard and put my dick inside her and she moaned out loudly. I started fucking her without any mercy. Her boobs were dangling and jiggling really hard as I kept banging on an on. She was moaning like crazy but kept asking me to go even harder. After almost twenty minutes, I felt her pussy tightening around my dick as she climaxed. Her warm juices were spilling all around my dick.

I could get the musky scent of her pussy which was making me hornier. In another five minutes of relentlessly fucking her, I felt a tension down in my groin and knew I was about to explode in her pussy. In no time, I had erupted my seeds in her pussy and finally pulled out. The thick juices were slowly trickling down her pussy and she slowly lied down and turned her head towards me. A perfect partner and the best romantic cure for the trip I got.

She was smiling lazily. I climbed up towards her and then kissed her lips tenderly. I lied down beside her and panted a bit. She turned to me and kissed my cheek. Then she hopped off the bed to the bathroom. After some time she came out looking fresh as ever. Then she picked up her dress and put them on. I was a little disappointed she was going away but I knew time was up. I paid her and asked if she will return the next day. She consented and set the appointment for next day again and went away. I came back to my bed and was smiling ear to ear. I no longer remembered feeling so depressed all morning as Holey was the perfect romantic cure for my depression.

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