Sofia helped me realise my sexuality

Hi I am Maria- a thirty year old divorcee coming to New York in search of a better life. After three years of marriage, we decided to call it off for the weirdest possible reason. My husband felt I am too unresponsive in bed and eventually cheated on me for that. Honestly, I was not even bothered and gladly accepted the divorce. A part of me knew my husband was not even wrong. I did not feel any passion whenever he touched me and would get really stiff. If anything, I would always wish when it would be over. I probably knew why I felt this way but I never wanted to admit it. That was till I met Sofia. That is the story I have for you today. How Sofia turned my life around and finally made me realise my sexuality what was missing in my life.

I came to New York seeking a job and with my qualification, it was not difficult to find one. In a week, I had found a cozy apartment and started living the life of a hermit whose life only revolved around office and home. But I wanted more. I wanted to meet new people. More than anything, I wanted to come out of the closet finally. I used to spend my time looking out for erotic websites and adult pic sites like I was also using local dating sites. That is when I came across Sofia. Her profile looked enticing and I decided to try my luck. I contacted her and in a couple of hours I got a response., Sofia was pretty with petite body and very proportionate breasts and hips. It was hard to believe she was just interested in women. We made plans for the weekend and invited her to my apartment.

The following Saturday, I made sure my room looked tidy and welcoming to her. After about half an hour, the doorbell rang and Maria went ahead and opened the door. Sofia was standing they’re in a tight spandex top and leather pants. She was much younger than what appeared in her photos. She had to be approximately 25years at most. Sofia smiled and invited herself in the room. Once she was here, we talked for a while and drank. In no time, I was opening up to her and telling her about my divorce and how I felt the problem was my orientation. That is when Sofia came forward and kissed me full on the lips.

This was an ordinary kiss but for the first time I felt a spark and jolt through my body. That was the first step that helped me realise my sexuality and desires. I held her shoulder and pulled her close and started kissing her closely. As we kissed, Sofia was slowly peeling off my top and running her hands over my breasts. I mimicked her movement and removed her top and touched her breasts.

She was not wearing a bra and I felt the soft lumps of flesh hardening under my palms. Her breasts were perky and has light brown nipples. I moved downwards and kissed her collarbone and sucked the nipples. It felt new to me but at the same time, it felt just right. I could not believe this is what I had needed for so long. I was no longer stiff but felt a rush of heat and passion as I held her closer still.

We removed each other’s pants and was soon sitting entirely naked on the couch. I made her lay down on the couch and went down on her. I kissed her stomach and slowly went down to her vagina. I kissed her there and she shivered. The musky scent of her vagina was driving me crazy and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I buried my face between her legs and started licking and sucking her vagina.

She was rapidly getting wet and soon her juices were licking on the couch. I kept kissing and licking repeatedly. I started fingering her now and loved how her back arched and she panted from my touch. Soon, I felt a rush of heat and wetness around my finger as she squirted on my hand. She was panting and looking at me with wonder. Then suddenly she made me lie down in her place.

She told me to wait a bit and then in a couple of minutes she came back wearing a strapped-on dildo. I knew what she had in mind and I smiled at her. She came closer to me and between my legs. Then she pushed the dildo in my vagina. It felt so good as she pushed the dildo and climbed over me. I felt the softness of her breasts pressing against my body while she fucked me and kissed me. This felt better than fucking a man and I realised this is exactly what I needed. Thanks to Sofia for making me realise my sexuality.

In half an hour, I felt a tight knot in my stomach soon I climaxed and erupted with a loud moan. I squirted internally for the first time just through penetration. I felt my entire body going numb soon after that. Sofia kissed my lips tenderly and slowly went off from me. She was lying down beside me and smiled and looked at me. I was staring at the ceiling and realising this is exactly what I needed in my life.

I looked at her and kissed her tenderly too. Sofia was beautiful and I realised I liked her company as much as I was attracted to her. It goes without saying that soon after this day, we started dating and I experienced the most romantic lesbian relationship of my life. Sofia soon moved in with me and we were official and exclusive after that. My life seemed full finally and I was glad I had gone to that website looking for company that day. She is the best thing that happened to me in the last few years and at the same time made me realise my sexuality.

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