Getting Lucky with Two Women at the same time

It has been some months since Chris has moved to Los Angeles. He is the perfect next-door average guy. Needless to say, he blended totally in the crowd. He was approximately five feet ten inches and had a body built according to that. The most striking of his features was his deep violet eyes. Yet, he went unnoticed by women almost always. He has been single all his life. It was not by choice but by situation. It bothered Chris to some extent but he wants more. He wished there was someone who could be there for him. Little did he know that he was going to get lucky with two women soon.

He had heard it is the city of dreams and there are surprises at every corner and yet he could not find one woman who was worth dating. When frustration was at its peak, Chris found Eva from a dating site. It was weird though. The moment they became a couple, he was getting a lot of attention from women. Eva was beautiful and would occasionally draw gazes from others everywhere. He was so much in love with her. Little did he know, some day he would end up doing such a shameful thing to her and yet he would not regret it.

This happened about six months after they were together. Melinda moved into an apartment beside Chris’s. She lived alone like him and was a working woman. But it looked like her office time was never fixed. And wherever she worked, needed her to dress immaculately. Chris would occasionally catch himself fantasizing Melinda at night ever since she moved in, he felt guilty.

When he shared his thoughts with a colleague, he concluded it was probably because he never had much female interaction. He mockingly advised him to try checking out Los Angeles escort girls. They were pretty enough to outshine anyone else. Chris was horrified but curious too to see if he can be lucky with two women. So one day he opened the website and went through it. to his shock, Melinda was one of the prime faces there.

He did not know how to react and did the most desperate thing possible. He raised a request hiring her for the coming weekend. He felt bad at first but simply could not cancel the booking. And it was the perfect time too. Eva was going to be out of town at that time.

On that Saturday, at evening Chris heard a knock on his door. He rushed to open it. Melinda was standing there. For a couple of seconds, he felt she looked angry and her eyes were flashing. But it was a split of second and she had an alluring smile on her face. Melinda walked into his apartment in a sequined emerald green dress that showed off her curves and her cleavage.

She winked and asked him, did he like what he has been seeing for past few weeks so much that he picked her from the site. He mutely nodded and stared. She came up to him and stood very close. Then he suddenly moved forward and kissed her on the lips. She was kissing him back immediately and wrapping her arms around his waist. In another couple of minutes, she had removed his t-shirt and kneeling down in front of him and pulling down the trainers.

She took out his dick and sucked on it. She looked totally into the moment, enjoying every inch of him. he fumbled with the zip at her back and tried to open her dress. When he finally managed, he was already rock hard from her sucking and massaging. She stood up and peeled off the dress. Her body was perfect. Her boobs were huge yet perk and had pinkish nipples.

Her body was white as alabaster and as smooth. He felt as if his hands were slipping off her body again and again. He pulled her close and held her tightly against his bare chest as he kissed her neck and down to her collarbone. He pinched the nipples and started sucking and biting lightly on one of them. Melinda moaned slightly from pleasure and it just encouraged him more. It was no more of a dream of getting lucky with two women but now its time for action.

Then he suddenly picked her up and took her to the bedroom. When he put her down on the bed, she raised her leg and gave him a view of the honeypot, teasing him. he was going crazy. Quickly Chris pushed his dick deep in her. He was going as hard and fast as he wanted- a boundary he never dared to cross with Eva. More than anything, Melinda seemed to enjoy that a lot unlike Eva who would coil up in pain. Melinda wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She was pulling him closer so that he could go deeper still.

He had not count of the hours then went on like this. In the meantime, he had flipped her around to take her from behind. Her soft moans had turned to loud cries of ecstasy that only made him go wilder. After almost a couple of hours, Chris felt he was about to climax. He whispered it to her and she encouraged him to go ahead and fill her up with her love juices. This was enough to make him erupt inside her.

It was an experience he never had with Eva before and it was heavenly. The warm juices trickling around his groin felt so good. In a couple of minutes, Melinda climaxed too and cried out his name. They stayed in each other’s arms for some time till Melinda asked him to get off. She smiled and went to the bathroom to clean up. Once she was done, she came back and got dressed.

She kissed him tenderly on the lips and promised him that this would be the last time they have sex with payment. Ever since that day, Melinda would occasionally come to his place and they had a good time. But Eva was the love of his life after all. Chris never thought he could get this lucky with two women at the same time!

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