Romance with an office colleague during his notice period

It was my first day in the new job. It was a Monday of March and it was very hot outside. I got ready in the early morning, collected all the documents and reached the office. A lady HR welcomed me and took me to the office where we completed our joining formalities. I am Jessica(Name changed) and going to share the real experience of romance with an office colleague of mine. This will be a long story but read it till the end.

After completing joining formalities, HR introduced me to my manager and team. Later my manager introduced me to Ron in his cabin. I was supposed to replace him as he had already resigned and was serving the notice period. My manager explained to me that I was going to work with Ron for the remaining days he was left with. So, I had to understand the work with him as I will be responsible for what Ron was doing. He explained to me a little other stuff which I never heard before. I wasn’t sure what work it is and how I am going to manage all this. I was slightly tensed as we walked out of his cabin.

I had already started feeling the pressure of work. But as soon as we got back to our desk, Ron made me relax. He said the work he is doing is not very difficult. He has documented everything, so I should not have any trouble doing them. Also, he will be available even after he goes. I can contact him after he leaves the organisation for any questions. That finally made my day better as I was slightly relaxed now. Ron was a very nice guy and muscular too. He was about 5’11 in height. He was about my age and very decent. He started giving the knowledge transfer sessions to me since that day.

We used to be at his desk most of the time from the first day. I also used to spend most of my time with him as I was yet to know anybody else. Like any other guy, he also used to check me out whenever I was busy doing something else. I could see that he used to explore me by his eyes whenever I wore formals. He also used to touch my hands while handling mouse and keyboard. I slowly realised that he was attracted to me. I also didn’t make any effort to stop all this as I also liked his slow efforts. I also tried seducing him by showing my cleavage even more or by bending down in front of him for any silly reason. Romance with an office colleague was something different for me till date and since he was leaving in sometime there was no risk at work place.

He started getting my signals. We were getting more comfortable with each passing day. We used to go for lunch outside and sometimes for a long drive in his car whenever there was nothing much to do. I was asked to take over the work from him and my day used to spent with him. We were reporting our training status to the manager at the end of every week. So there was no deliverable apart from knowledge transfer. The training was going well, he made sure I understand everything. We were spending more time with each other every day now. We started getting comfortable with each other. But unfortunately, time was running out.

It was his last week at the office. We had only five days before I bid adieu to him. I was wearing a traditional dress that Monday. After our regular training session, as usual, he again asked me to go for lunch. We left at exactly around 11.30 am. We started to go toward the car parking. As soon as we got into the elevator, I realised that today he parked his car on the second floor which was unusual. Nobody parks that high usually as we always had enough parking on ground and first floor. The second floor was always less crowded and a quiet place as it was used by commercial vehicles.

We were walking toward his car which he parked in the corner of the second floor. I noticed that he was looking around for something. Nobody was around. I didn’t realise that he was just checking and making sure that nobody was around. As soon as we reached his car, he pulled me towards him, behind his car and grabbed me by my waist. I knew what was happening but acted like I was surprised. But before even I say anything, he planted a kiss onto my lips.

As he didn’t see any resistance from me, we locked our lips again and started kissing. His strong hands were holding my waist tightly as if there is no tomorrow. His hands were caressing my butts. Suddenly we heard someone on the other corner of the parking. We broke our kiss and got into the car. We had lunch in a nearby restaurant. During lunch, he asked me if I want to spend some time with him at his place. I couldn’t say no as I also wanted to spend more time with him. Lust inside had already taken over me and I wanted to enjoy romance with an office colleague whom I also liked. Finally, he drove me to his apartment, and we reached his home.

As he was living with his roommates, no one was there around at that time. It was just him and me. I was so excited and nervous too. Initially, there was an awkward silence for a few minutes, as we reached his place. But this time I decided to make the first move. He was unsure about what he did in parking whether I liked it or not. We were relaxing in his living room on the couch. So I placed my hands on his hand and moved toward him. After seeing that he also got confident and moved toward me. He came closer to me, and he was looking into my eyes. In no time, our lips have started to fondle each other, and he came over me. His hands were moving toward my waist, and he started to grab me in his arms. He was a passionate kisser. The way he was kissing my lips was enticing me to get more of him. I had never experienced this passion and I was getting the pleasure after joining the new job.

I also started to respond to him by eating his lips with mine. He started to get inside my top now. His hands were touching my bare back now. He slowly started to lift up my top. He started touching my navel area and over my stomach. I was breathing heavily now.

To be continued in the next part of my story romance with an office colleague…

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