Confession of a Good husband – Sex Confession-2

The season of Autumn is known to mark the transition of lazy summer days in to beautiful dark cold nights. Such was the Autumn of 2010, when I met my high school sweet heart after a good 15 years and that brings the Confession of a Good husband with you.

It was the evening of September 2010 when I was dining with my colleagues at the Sheraton, Vancouver. The typical business chattering and the unwanted exchange of vulgar jokes had begun, just after a few drinks. I was experiencing soul crushing boredom and gazing across the room for that one opportunity to break-free from that moment. That’s when my eyes met Suman, my high school sweet heart.

Our eyes met across the dining room and my face immediately broke in to a broad smile. She looked just as dazzling as the last time I met her 15 years ago. She was dressed in her uniform of little maroon dress, just above her knees, with a golden zip that ran beautifully across her curvy back, ready to be unzipped. Her skin was like a ripe plum and her hair shining with streaks of adventurous red.

She walked up to me and looked me straight in the eye, in front of my colleagues saying, “What would you like to have for dessert, sir?” biting her lips with a naughty smirk. With a nervous mumble, I excused myself from my colleagues heading straight at the reception where she welcomed me with an expected nod. With a quick gaze across the room, she slipped her room’s key in my coat pocket and whispered in my ears, “We have a lot to catch up on” and left the room.

It was about midnight when I rang the door bell of room 201. There she stood in her see-through white silk robe with drops of water dripping from her wet hair between her breasts. She pulled my collar to let me inside the room. I lost my balance pushing her against the wall breathing-in her lavender fragrant hair. She whispered in my ears, “Do you think you are still a strong man Mr. Mullover?”. Her voice sent a burning desire to show her my strength, between my legs. I hastily stripped and stood in my boxers like an eager child.

She was as calm as the air before the tornado. She slowly moved towards me, with her fingers tracing my neck and in to my hair. A sharp grip made me moan in pain, when she pulled my hair and bit my lip to bleed. Kissing and nibbling across my torso, her mouth made way between my legs. Her hands on my butt now, scratched through my skin and pulled my boxers down. Out comes her tongue now to play, on my manhood, under my skin and over the tip. She drools and moans as she takes me on the deep road. I lose control and I am about to cum but that’s not what Suman had in mind.

She leaves me hanging in there and with my eyes still shut, I wonder where she went. As soon as I open my eyes, I see that plum skinned goddess, with her legs spread on the silken sheets, permitting me to take over. I worship her body by gently kissing her toes and making my way upwards. I kiss her wet clit and roll my tongue around. I can’t get enough of her warm sweet juices, so I stroke her harder with my tongue. She gets wetter and louder. That’s when I take my revenge. I stop at the right moment, leaving her confused and whisper in her ears, “My turn” and roll her over.

I spread her butt and push her back down. I thrust her with my manhood whilst grabbing her handles and moving her in a stroke. It gets faster, sweatier and louder. One last time, before we call it a day, I reach out to grab her dangling bust and give it a quick squeeze to let go. We both cum together.

We fall on the bed next to each other, gasping, when she says, “You still have it in you, Mr. Mullover”. That’s when my phone rings with the name flashing on the screen, “Wifey”.

I wanted to reveal this but could never do and so I decided to send my story named “Confession of a Good husband” to the website, may be I will feel better.


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