Sex with My Airbnb Guest – A Wonderful Memory

In Goa, summers are the best time of the year to make an extra buck as many tourists visit this party hub from across the globe to escape their harsh winters. Like every year, I let one of the rooms of my bungalow to a tourist and make an extra income. For a 42-year-old widow, this income comes in handy to sustain the Goan lifestyle. Every year, I meet new people and hear new stories, but this year left me with a story of my own. Destiny had something crazy for me and sex with my Airbnb guest was coming my way.

Vaksow was my guest for the season from Germany. He had a creamy skin, grey eyes and a smile that could melt hearts. He was tall and muscular with the curviest butt I had ever seen on a man. He lived in my house for a week but his last day was the best day I had in a while.

It was our morning ritual to deliver breakfast in the guest room at 9am. I would usually cook, and my homeboy would deliver it in his room. On Vaskow’s last day in my house, my homeboy fell sick and I had to deliver the breakfast. I placed the food on the tray and barged in to his room.

There he laid, sunbathing in the balcony, stark naked.  I was shocked and kept the breakfast tray on the table with a thud. He turned around and smiled. I quickly looked away and started to nervously serve his food with shivering hands. He confidently walked towards me and slowly grabbed my shoulder and looked me in the eye. He smiled, a smile that can melt hearts, I giggled and looked away. He hugged me tight and whispered in my ears with his broken English, “It is just body and I think your body is beautiful, can I see?”. I didn’t react, but I felt this gut wrenching need to be held by a man and loved.

Slowly he kissed my cheek moving towards my mouth. I gasped a breath of hot air as his lips touched mine. It was as if he was directing me to do things that I wanted to do for a while. He opened my mouth with his lips and traced the edges with his tongue. His hands running through my back and on to the string of my wrap around dress. My dress was open yet holding on to my body by the edge of my shoulders. His hands slipped inside my dress moving towards my breast. Both hands rhythmically playing with my tits.

His warm thumb circling around my hard tits while his mouth gradually moving towards them. He licks each tit and nibbles on it, making me moan in pleasure. His mouth moves down. Gently tickling my waist with his smooth fingers followed by a sharp bite on my love handle. I moan louder. He pulls my panty down with his teeth and sniffs my warm parts. I feel shy so I quickly place my hand over it. He holds my hand and takes me to his bed, lying me down. The warm summer sun is exposing my body and he stops to adore.

He gets on his knees and pulls me by my butt in to the air, towards his mouth, relishing my flavor, one slurp at a time. His tongue plays with my clit, stroking it in every direction. Suddenly, I feel his index finger going inside my butthole while his mouth is still doing tricks on my clit. He throbs my butthole as if he is fucking it and I love it. I moan louder till I fill his mouth with my juices. He takes a big gulp and throws my butt on the bed. He climbs over me and puts his manhood inside of me. He raises my arms over my head and directs me to hold on to the bed rod as he takes me on a ride. His thrusts are slow yet deeper and harder. With each thrust, my breast jiggle and he gets bigger. Now its faster and I can hear his teeth clenching. I bite his arm around my head to avoid screaming. One last stroke to fill me up and one last breath to let go.

I get off the bed and start walking towards the door when he calls out to me and says, “Your clothes” and I turn around and say, “It is just body”.

I Could never forget his touch, his eyes and I always cherish the memories of having sex with my Airbnb guest.

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