The Affair with the Latina Beauty Made Lockdown Period Sensual

This is my story of the time I had with Lara – a Columbian student who was living in my city. This story is different as it started during the pandemic and is still ongoing, but on a much more personal level. I had been single for a while and as the pandemic struck, I found myself alone and horny. There were very few women willing to break lockdown rules and meet for one night of sex and I needed something or someone to satisfy my needs with. That’s when my affair with the Latina beauty started!

This is when I met sweet, sexy Lara. A voluptuous, dark-haired Latina. She had a slight accent that made her more attractive to me. Generous breasts and that heart-shaped mouth made my dick stand in attention the first time I saw her. She was in a public chat room and I could see her showing off some dress. After talking to her in the private room, I got to know that she had lost her job and was now working here to make a living for her studies. She was smart and attractive, naturally sexy to me.

I had found her on live nude cams when I was looking for some sensual entertainment. It was a live site and one could choose to watch any woman, listed there, whenever you wanted. I was attracted to Lara immediately and I saw her first in a public room, then I began asking her to come to online private rooms where I could see her live and interact with her.

In one of my most memorable sessions with her in a private room, I had asked her about her sexual fantasies and what she described was voyeurism. I was excited on hearing that and immediately began imagining her and me together. I did want to meet her desperately, despite the pandemic and wanted to have an affair with the Latina beauty. That day we had virtual sex, I had asked her to show me her boobs and the minute she took her bar off, I was transfixed. I wanted to touch those and suckle on them. But because I could not, I just asked her to press her boobs and pull on her nipples. I watched her as she did that and her face contorted in pleasure.

“Will you show me your pussy?” I asked her, horny in excitement. She smiled and spread her legs. She was wearing sating panties and I could see a small wet patch forming. She sensuously pulled off those panties and I saw a slim strip of hair on her pubis. “Spread those lips,” I told her and she parted them showing me a glimpse of her clit. She was wet so I knew she was hot – by my words may be. “I want to lick you there Lara. I want to taste you,” I tell her as I touch myself and pull on my cock. She starts rubbing her clit and pinching on it as I ask her. Then she pulls on her clit and releases a high-pitched moan. I begin telling her the dirty things I’d like to do to her and masturbate while watching her. She hears me and then suddenly she squirts, moaning and shaking. Watching her like that I cum too and my cock is coated in semen. That was a month ago when the affair with the Latina beauty, Lara had just started.

We decided to meet as we both couldn’t imagine not meeting. We got tested and then met the next day at my apartment. I had it cleaned and made a delicious meal for her. I also got flowers for her – orchids. She arrived at my place sharp at 5 and I was a bit nervous when opening the door. I was attracted to her; I had a crush on her and I was horny for her. She looked amazing, tights and a loose shirt, with her hair open. I invited her in and was deciding what to say to start the conversation, when she just hugged me and kissed my lips. She stepped back after a few minutes and went red while apologizing, “I am sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself.”

I loved it, what she did. So, I pulled her close and told her so. The affair with the Latina beauty was now moving real instead of being virtual. Then I kissed her nose and took her lips with mine. She smelled so good and tasted of strawberries. She opened her mouth for me and I pushed my tongue in. It touched her tongue and I was drawn to suck on it. We kissed passionately, hard and by the time we pulled back, I was out of breath. “Touch me,” she said softly and took my hands to put over her breasts. I pressed them over her shirt and felt around for her nipples. I pressed and rubbed the nipples as they got aroused and became pointy. “So sexy,” I muttered and bent down to kiss her nipples.

She pulled off her top and I unsnapped her bra revealing her gorgeous breasts. I wanted to rub my face all over them and at leisure. So, I lifted her up and took her to my bedroom. I lay her on the bed and then bent down rubbing my face all over them. They were soft and jiggly as I pressed them. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked on it. She held my head close to her chest as I played with her breasts.  I kissed her all over her chest and then began kissing her belly. I pulled down her pants and she was commando.

I licked her all over the area and then parted her folds to see her clit. I kissed her on it and then licked her with my tongue. I rubbed her clit and watched her face for her reactions. She seemed to be enjoying it as she spread her legs wider. I pushed my finger inside her pussy, feeling the wetness. I liked her clit and then sucked on it again. I kept on sucking it till she was thrashing and almost jumping off the bed.  “My cock doesn’t want to wait anymore. It wants your pussy,” I told her. “Then do it,” she said and showed me her pussy. I got off the bed and grabbed a condom, sheathing my dick.

I rubbed my cock all over her vulva and touched her clit with it. Her toes curled in anticipation as I prepared to push inside her. I gently pried her opening with my cock and then pushed all the way in. Her pussy squeezed me in welcome and I felt so good at that time. I knew we had some connection. I bent down and kissed her on her lips again as I began to thrust in and out of her pussy. She was holding on to me tightly as I pumped in and out of her.

I lay on top of her and my movement rubbed my chest against her soft breasts. But I wanted to hold on to them. So, I pulled out and put her on her knees. I held on to her boobs and penetrated her from behind. Her pussy was soppy wet from all the liquid that had seeped. I began thrusting and pressed her nipples at the same time. I knew that I was almost there. So, I bent down and pinched her clit. She screamed and orgasmed. Her pussy went crazy, squeezing my cock hard. I loved this feeling of being milked. I had waited for this moment since the affair with Latina beauty, my Lara just started and now we are so close, every inch of our skin is sheathed together.

I found my orgasm and came. I slumped over her soft body and just lay there on the bed like that for a while. Then we cuddled and watched a movie. After all, I wanted some more energy for the night of passion. I met Lara on a live cam site but the affair with the Latina beauty is the best thing I got.

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