The Night I Became Sexually Active

I was 18 and still a virgin. Although I did have one girlfriend, but because of my inability to do anything she left me, she was quite angry. It’s not that I never felt horny, I did. And like any teenage boy, I would use my hand to get a release. But when it came to girls, I don’t know what would happen to me. My heart rate would increase and I would get so nervous that my dick would just fail to rise. I wanted to address this problem asap and become sexually active.

One night I logged online and searched for websites dishing out sex chats and cam chats. Maybe those would help me with my problem. Maybe if I could see some sexy women and interact with them, I could get over my nervousness. I was surfing through the site, watching pictures of sexy women on display. Some were covered and some had their breasts on display. Looking at those nudes, my dick stood up in attention. But I was nervous if it would keep on standing when saw someone in reality or not.

After some deliberation, I decided to go ahead. Seeing a real woman would either kick in the fight or the flight instinct. I wanted to see which would happen. I clicked on the live sex cam option to see Jordan – that was her name. She was so sexy and in the public chat room, she was performing a sensuous dance. She wore a lacy bra and a thong, displaying herself for us. I wanted to do dirty things to her looking at her and my dick was hardening. As a teenager I didn’t need much motivation, this would do. But I was shy to ask her for anything in public rooms. So, I paid some money for a private cam session for thirty minutes.

She logged off from the public room and we both entered the private chat. This time she was wearing nipple pasties and showed off her huge tits. I licked my lips as she watched me and shook her boobies at me. “Do you want to say anything?’ she asked. “I…I want to have sex,” I stuttered. “Hmmm…ok, then do as I say,” she purred. Those 30 minutes she told me what to do and my dick didn’t disappoint. It was like something clicked and changed. After that session, I couldn’t sleep and recalling Jordan’s voice was making me sexually active. I wanted my girlfriend and I wanted to fuck. So, I texted and drove over.

Luck was with me because her parents weren’t at home for the night. I immediately went to her bedroom and took off my clothes, leaving just the boxers on. She was shocked and she began to laugh. “Laughing? I’ll show you,” I told her and pounced on her. I kissed her lips holding her close and my dick swelled. This had happened before; the real test was to come now when I had to take her clothes off. I pulled off her nightshirt exposing her breasts, they were small and round, very different from Jordan. I was horny nonetheless. I touched her boobs and pressed them. I pushed her on the bed and put one of her nipples in my mouth. I wanted to keep touching her boobs forever. My dick didn’t deflate nor was there any sign of nervousness. Her moans were encouraging and I wanted to lose my virginity.

“Do you want me to kiss you there?” I touch her over her panties and ask. I had never gone down on anyone, but Jordan had walked me through what she wanted me to do to her and gave a vivid visual. I was just going to remember what she had said and do that. She nodded in anticipation and watched as I pulled down her panties. She was smooth and clean and I kissed her vertical lips. I kissed her harder, like making out with them and then pushed my tongue in. She was wet and so I parted those folds to get a good look at her clit. I ran my fingers over it and she shivered. I rubbed it and then pressed it a little. Then I began rubbing it, pressing and pulling on it.

I put my mouth to it and licked it again and again. Then I sucked on it, making her jump. I could hear her moans and feel the liquid gushing out of her. So, I stopped and pulled down my own shorts. I sheathed myself in a condom and lay on top of her. I smiled and kissed her mouth watching her excitement. I pulled back and rubbed my cock against her slippery folds.  I was still hard and wanting to penetrate her pussy. She spread her legs and guided my cock to her entrance. “Just push in ok,” she told me as I nodded. I did push in, one stroke. She grunted and I was in.

I was feeling pleasure like never before. Her pussy was squeezing my cock and pulsing around me. Then I could hold any longer and began to move. In and out, in and out I moved and thrust in her. Her boobs were rubbing against me and made me hornier. I was fucking her harder and harder, the bed shaking with our movement. I came with a grunt as I couldn’t take the pleasure any more. The condom was full of my cum and sign of how sexually active I am in reality.

My girlfriend was happy, it showed on her face. I stayed the night and had a contented sleep. That night I became sexually active and also pleasure my girlfriend. I was feeling quite proud of myself and now I wouldn’t hold back anymore.

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