How I met my current husband which started with virtual sex

I have been married for two years now and the way Robert and I met is an interesting story where it just started with virtual sex. I had met guys before him and most of them just wanted to use me. One asked for money and the rest just asked for sex. They only wanted to get physical pleasure and I would get involved emotionally. But when they felt no use for me, they simply stated that they never promised anything, so there was nothing wrong and we should just move on.

I was tired of this and in the heat of the moment decided that if I was good at giving sex, I would use it to make money. I would make men pay from their own pocket to get pleasure from me. And this is how I became a phone sex operator. I would put all my anger and frustration into that and within a few weeks, I was earning well! But it was during one of such live phone sex session, I met Robert and he didn’t want sex.

But we spoke and spoke until we couldn’t control our desires to see each other. Then we met on our first date.

I didn’t want our date to end, so I asked to go with him. He smiled and just like that took me with him. It felt so natural to be with him. He went grocery shopping and I just walked along with him. We made dinner together that night and I just slept at his place, holding him close. But at dawn, I just felt this pull to be closer to him. I kissed him on his lips gently as he slept. I watched his face closely and kissed his eyes, nose and chin. He woke up and smiled at me and kissed my lips. I kissed him back and kissed him hard.  He held me closer, kissing me back, crushing me against his hard body. I could feel the hard ridge of his cock against my belly and I knew I wanted to touch him.

“Please touch me,” I told him and he nodded as he pulled my sleep shirt off. I was bare underneath that and I shivered as his fingers grazed my nipples. He took off his own shirt and pulled me close for a kiss. I felt him, skin to skin and I knew what this was. And I think he knew it too, because he just looked into my eyes for a few seconds and touched my forehead with his. I kissed his lips again, gently and he began kissing my full face. He licked and sucked on my neck, gradually moving down. He kissed the swells of my breast and the perky nipples, my belly button and the fingers on my feet. One by one, he took his time and I relaxed in his affectionate acts. I never found such affection from others and it had just started with virtual sex call.

He came back up and licked my right nipple. I felt ecstatic. I held him closer and asked him to suck on it. He did suck and plumped up the breast to bring to his mouth. He kept on sucking and massaging my breast as he plucked on the other breast’s nipple.  I could feel his cock growing as he played with my boobs. I put my hand in between us and felt his cock. There it was – large and fleshy. I couldn’t even hold him in one hand. He grunted when I rubbed my finger over his cockhead. I stopped him and lifted his head from my chest. “What?” he asked playfully. “I want to suck your cock,” I said. He nodded and rolled over, laying flat on his back.

His cock stood erect and firm and twitched when I touched the cockhead again. I giggled and bent down to take it into my mouth. I sucked on the large head and could taste the musk. I pushed him deeper into my mouth and sucked. I pushed back the foreskin a bit and licked the exposed area, earning another grunt from him. I rubbed his veiny length with my hand as I could get more than his head into my mouth. I could feel his muscly cock twitching every time I sucked hard on it. I stopped for some time to kiss his balls. I licked and sucked on it while pressing them gently. He spread his legs further apart and let me massage his balls while sucking on the tip of his cock again.

He then stopped me and pulled me saying that he wanted to last with me. I kissed him back on his lips as he lay me down on the bed and parted my legs. He explored a bit, touching my vulva, massaging my clit and pushing the tip of his finger inside my pussy. He then parted my folds and gave a hard lick. I could feel his tongue almost at the entrance of my pussy. He sucked on my clit as he added two fingers to my vagina. I felt such pleasure move through me, that I clenched around his fingers. He gave my clit one last kiss and positioned his cock at my opening.

He pushed in, one stroke and he was inside me. I welcomed that feel of being satisfied and yet comforted. It wasn’t just sex, it was more. And those who understood it and felt it would know how lucky they were. He held still for a while, kissing me again, his tongue meeting mine. Then he began moving. In and out, slowly and with powerful thrusts. He held me tight and I embraced him as his cock pumped in and out of me. I could feel some liquid come out of my body as he increased his pace. His cock was touching areas in me, I didn’t know existed. Even during earlier dates where it just started with virtual sex or physical intimacy I never enjoyed this much.

His thrusts were faster now and I could feel the bed move. We separated from our embrace and he stood, pulling me to the edge of the bed. He lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders. Then he penetrated my vagina again and this time I could feel his long length every time he pushed and fucked me. His balls were slapping against my butt and then out of the blue I came. I screamed and moaned and shivered as he still thrust. Then I felt his cum shoot inside me.

We snuggled together, joined under the blanket and slept for some time. That day was the best I had in a long time. I was hardly enjoying with men during real sex and here it had just started with virtual sex where I got my whole world. He ensured that I got the best days from then onwards.

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