I am addicted to online sex chat

It was back in 2010 when I was 20 and I realized that I am addicted to online sex chat. Yes, I was a late bloomer. I was talking to my girlfriend back then and she suddenly started talking dirty. I was astonished but enjoyed every bit of it. We literally lived in the same lane. So, when the conversation would turn me on so much, I would hop to her house and we would have sex. She used it as a great tool to get my attention and make me want her, each time.

A few years later, we got married. But talking to her during office hours juggling between a hard dick and presentations was quite a task. Also, as she was already mine, the eagerness to know about her had died. But the mere thought of engaging in a sex chat online was a turn on for me.

So, I started talking to random women online and went through some of the best live cam sites for having virtual sex. I use to talk to a new lady every day. I discovered so many beautiful women from across the world in different shapes and sizes that would talk nice and dirty with me.

They would do anything to please me in that hour. At times, I wouldn’t even engage in a sex chat but just talk about how my day was or how my life should have been, if I weren’t married. The things that they liked the most about me was that I was honest. At no point in time did I mention to them that I was unhappy in my marriage. I did commit adultery in this form but never in physical sense, as I loved my wife. They respected that about me and would go overboard to help me with some free credits for a nude show on their cam. My favorite from all these beautiful girls was Raani.

Raani was a dusky Indian girl with a funny accent. She had the most curvaceous body I had seen of a woman. I loved the way she played Bollywood music and did a little dance for me, every time. Maybe she knew that most men are attracted to online sex chat, she would often tease me by showing me a little of her skin from the beginning. That would keep my burning desires high to unwrap her from head to the toe and just lick them completely.

Last night, Raani wore a saree. We spoke for hours till I requested her to take it off for me. The beautiful drape slipped from her shoulder, off her chest revealing her perky tits under a blouse. She turned around to remove the saree from her petticoat, one pleat at a time. I was already touching myself at that moment. Then, she proceeded to remove her blouse. The unhooking of the blouse popped her perkies out.

Her creamy dark skin and those brown tits were a sit for a man. She touched them for me, even licked her tits, imagining me. I wanted more so I asked her to show herself to me. She lay on the bed and lifted her petticoat revealing her dark pink vagina. It was wide open, as if inviting me in it. She touched herself and shoved a big cucumber her calling out my name. She was magical. I was moaning like a child in pain at that mesmerizing site. Finally, we both came together on our cams. At the end, the flying kiss also keeps me attracted towards her to have frequent online sex chat.

We called it a day to book another appointment.

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