From Webcam Sex to Real Sex to Find Pleasure

“So no more webcam sex?” he asks. “No. Not for now. I want you. Your huge cock pumping in and out of me,” I mewl into his ear. He laughs darkly. “That is why you asked to meet me and now want to climb all over me?” “Yes,” I moan. I want real sex to find pleasure babes.

We are in his car and had been having virtual sex through the webcam, but I wanted to touch his real cock so I asked to meet and here we are. He is built, all muscles and ink on his shoulders. I want to explore all of it, but first I want my release. His rough hands pop over my buttons and expose my bra. “Lace?” he asks and I blush. I bite my lips and he looks at me one minute and then puts his mouth on mine.  We kiss hard and passionate, teeth clattering and tangling of tongues. When we do part I see that his lips are swollen and so are mine I bet.

I am on his lap, tits exposed and my skirts pushed up. He plays with my tits through the bra and I can feel my nipple getting harder seeking his hand. I mewl and take the bra off so he freely enjoys my tits. He is surprised but then bends for one nipple. His tongue licks it and another hand plays with the tit. He is plumping and prodding the boob as he bites and suckles on my nipples. I don’t want him to let go of my tits ever. It would be great if his mouth was attached to my tits sucking and doing naughty things to me.

As he suckles on my breasts I fell his cock grow hard and his hand finds my heat. He tears my panties and laughs stuffing it in his pocket. He slowly finger fucks me while kissing my lips, breasts and neck. I grind my pelvis n his cock demanding more. “You want more baby?” he asks and I nod. The other hand twirls and plays with my clit while one is being used for finger fucking also known as digital penetration.

He sucks on the tits again and his finger fucking increases in pace. When he puts pressure on the clit again, I moan and come. “So wet,” he murmurs while looking down and pushing his fingers in and out. “Give me your cock now,” I tell him. “Take it,” he says. I wiggle and make room between us in the car. It takes a bit of manoeuvring with me on his lap. I unzip, unbuckle and pull out his cock.

It’s like a piece of art. Long, smooth and hard. But at the top, there is a surprise. He has an Apa – a piercing. “Gentle,” he warns as I rub his shaft and weigh his balls. Then I press the balls gently and try to give him a hand job. He stops me and kisses me. “Ride me, babe. Ride me like a cowgirl,” he says. I smile and bite my lower lip.

Holding his cock I position it at my entrance and sink slowly on to his shaft.  My pussy slowly adjusts to his girth and he is fully inside me. His eyes are closed and it feels like he is controlling himself. Then I begin to move on him, up and down and then I gyrate my hips around his cock. I squeeze him slightly and he pinches my nipple laughing. “Ride me hard now,” he says. And then I begin to move hard on his, hard that the car shakes.

My boobs move in front of his face and he bites my nipple. I mewl and move faster. He begins thrusting into me from below as well and I feel him tense. I reach between us and rub my clit. I explode into a thousand stars and clench down on him hard. He shoots his release in my pussy and we kiss each other.

Panting I say, “So do you want more live webcam sex or real sex to find pleasure?” “This! This,” he says and bites on my nipples again.

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